Will Travel Insurance Pay For A Nicer Hotel If You’re Ill? | Business

Check both your per-day limit and your total limit on coverage if you want to stay within the limits of the policy.

“For a covered trip delay, they have a daily benefit limit up to a total aggregate,” says Carol Mueller, a spokesperson with Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.

You can book the best hotel in the city if you’re willing to pay the price difference yourself. If the per-night cost of a luxury hotel is more than the daily benefit, you will only be reimbursed up to the benefit maximum.

Most travel insurance providers offer trip delay coverage when there’s a delay of a common carrier. It’s harder to find trip delay coverage for illness and injury. For example, only four providers offered through Squaremouth include sickness or injury as a reason covered under the travel delay benefit: Arch RoamRight, battleface, Generali Global Assistance and Travelex.

What About Hotels for Covid Quarantining?

The travel delay benefit can apply to quarantine due to Covid-19, says Benna. In order for any benefits to apply, you must test positive for Covid while on the trip.

There are no travel insurance benefits if you have to quarantine upon arrival simply due to state or country law.

Benefits would only kick in if you test positive for Covid during the trip and have to quarantine.