With COVID-19 cases waning in some areas of the country, hiring is on the rise. Virtual career fairs have become the norm as a hiring strategy for many companies.

According to Handshake, a career networking platform aimed at college students, 80% of hiring will remain virtual for the foreseeable future. A Gartner poll of 334 human resource leaders recently found that 86% of organizations are incorporating new virtual technology to interview candidates and to onboard new hires. While virtual hiring existed prior to the pandemic, employers have seen COVID-19 as a means for accelerating virtual recruiting overall.

What are the pros of virtual hiring, specifically virtual career fairs, that draw many candidates simultaneously? 

Virtual career fairs are far more efficient for employers in many ways. Connecting with more candidates in a shorter time accelerates your search far quicker than telephone or traditional hiring. A larger pool of candidates results in greater opportunity to find the right fit for your position.