Umbrella Academy Season 3 Is Almost Done Filming According to Elliot Page

According to Elliot Page, The Umbrella Academy season 3 is almost done filming, raising anticipation for an official release date and trailer.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 may be close to wrapping up filming, based on an update by Elliot Page. Based off of the comic book series of the same name, The Umbrella Academy follows the super-powered Hargreeves siblings as they set out to prevent the end of the world from occurring. The series premiered on Netflix in 2019 and quickly became one of its most popular series, with season 2 hitting the streaming service in July 2020. In November of 2020, the series was renewed for its third season.

Anticipation for season 3 is quite high, as it will explore the Sparrow Academy and the consequences of the Hargreeves’ timeline interference. Netflix recently released The Umbrella Academy’s season 3 episode titles, teasing viewers with hints of good-byes, apocalypses, weddings, and time travel. Most of all, it teases some serious family drama as Sir Reginald Hargreeves and Ben make their re-appearance, along with the introduction of more superpowered individuals into their dysfunctional family. A release date has not been given yet, but one star teases it might be soon.

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Page took to Instagram with a brief Umbrella Academy update that hinted season 3 may be close to finishing filming. Page, who portrays Vanya Hargreeves, shared a simple selfie of himself alongside a caption stating that filming is “almost done.” He offered no further details, leaving his followers to speculate on just how close the season is to wrapping filming. Check out his post below:

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The possibility that filming is close to wrapping is exciting and indicates a release date and trailer could be potentially following. While this is not an official update on the progress of season 3, there isn’t too much reason to doubt Page’s estimates. Filming has been underway for several months now and this is also the second such update from Page. Earlier this month Page teased Umbrella Academy season 3’s progress with an Instagram story that echoed his current statement that it is close to finishing filming. Two such updates in such close proximity to one another almost makes it seem as if Page is counting the days as the wrapping gets closer and closer. His excitement documents that significant progress is being made and the ending may be approaching soon.

If The Umbrella Academy season 3 does wrap filming soon it gives viewers hopes for a 2022 release date. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many shows have been delayed and release dates have been fairly uncertain. For example, Netflix’s Stranger Things’ season 4 faced significant delays and its release date is still unknown even though it has been two years since its third season premiered. Thus, it is has been very difficult to gauge when one can expect The Umbrella Academy’s next season to drop. While viewers have the cast-list for the new Sparrow Academy members and the episode titles, it is likely they will be wanting more soon. The series has kept fairly quiet about its third season in recent months, making Page’s update all the more exciting. If his estimates are correct, further Umbrella Academy season 3 news may be forthcoming.

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Source: Elliot Page

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