The perfect job opportunities for avid travel enthusiasts post Covid

For those with itchy feet or looking for new horizons, here are some jobs you can do whilst travelling.

For people with wanderlust, there is an increasing number of jobs you can do overseas because there is a demand for certain workers such as teachers and the Internet has made it possible to work almost anywhere. 

Although most job opportunities abroad will be for teaching English or being a nanny, over the next five years other forms of employment will become more prevalent. If you have the travel bug but are still in lockdown, then keep an eye on future opportunities for work once the travel bans are lifted. For those with itchy feet or looking for new horizons, here are some jobs you can do whilst travelling.

ESL English 

English as a second language (ESL) teachers have been in high demand in certain countries for quite some time as English is being learned all over the world. The trend in studying English is likely to continue its upwards trajectory as annual birth data across 18 countries analysed by Australian company Compare the Market shows a growing world population with millions of births between 2015-2020. Countries with good pay and benefits for ESL teachers are China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. 

World Map


If you are good with children and can speak a second language then being a nanny could be a good job for you. Nannies usually live with a host family and spend most of their time caring for children. The fact that the costs of rent, food and utilities are often covered in addition to a paycheck can make the job a good earner whilst seeing a new part of the world.

Graphic and Website Design

If you have the design skills, a computer and budget to travel then working as a freelance graphic or website designer whilst travelling the world may be for you. The freedom provided by being able to set your own schedule means you will have more time to explore your new home. 


For those already trained and experienced in photography, one option is to become a freelance photographer whilst travelling. The work may sometimes be infrequent but you can find hotels, restaurants and events to do photo shoots at to pay the bills. 

Ski Instructor 

During the winter months, there are plenty of job opportunities at the numerous ski resorts across countries famous for excellent ski slopes such as Canada, France, Switzerland and the United States. You will need a period of training and certification to become a ski instructor, however, there are also many other jobs available around the resort including bartending and cooking. 


Content Writer

Like many other jobs nowadays, content writing doesn’t require everyone in a company to work together in a brick-and-mortar office, so as long as you have a computer and access to the Internet you can write articles from anywhere. 

Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant is surprisingly easy as no specialized degree is required, however, you will need certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. If you want to visit cities all over the world then being a flight attendant is a good choice, although the working hours can be long and erratic. 

As the world opens up again after a series of lockdowns, people with an itch to travel will be able to do so again. When travelling it is always good to have a source of income, so hopefully, the list above gave you a few ideas.