The Advantages Of Using An Agent Who Specializes In Travel Insurance

Agents who specialize in travel insurance can help you pick the best coverage so you have the right financial protection when you travel. Personalized service, knowledge and experience all play a part in helping you buy a good travel insurance plan, especially if you’re traveling abroad.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, travel insurance coverage rules have continued to evolve. Coupled with the quarantine and insurance mandates of some overseas destinations, specialized knowledge of the travel insurance landscape is important.

You may also have special needs when you travel, and travel insurance specialists can suggest the right insurance products to fit your concerns.

Travel Insurance Specialists Know Details

Travel insurance agents know the fine details of trips, including what could unexpectedly occur, says Daniel Durazo, a spokesperson with Allianz Global Assistance.

“Armed with this knowledge, they can offer the products that provide the most appropriate level of travel protection,” he says.

Durazo says travel insurance companies like Allianz provide product training to travel insurance advisors so they have a good understanding of the product options.

Travel insurance agents are also well-versed about plans that provide robust benefits, top customer service and strong value.
When you’re buying travel insurance, it’s best to work with a travel insurance provider rather than buying a policy directly from the travel supplier like the airline, cruise or train, says Bailey Foster, a spokesperson for Trawick International. Buying travel insurance from a travel supplier is convenient, but you won’t get a customized, comprehensive travel insurance plan and the best value for your buck, she says.

In addition, a travel agent who mainly sells trips may have only limited access to policy choices. A travel insurance agent will have the best access to a wide variety of insurance options.

Another benefit of working with an agent who specializes in travel insurance is the ability to buy cancel for any reason coverage, Foster notes. This add-on coverage lets you cancel for any reason you like—even if it’s not listed in the base policy as an acceptable cancellation reason. It will reimburse you for 50% or 75% of what you’ve lost in non-refundable deposits, depending on the company. But note that it can add around 40% to your travel insurance cost.

Keeping Pace with Changing Travel Rules

Travel insurance products are always evolving based on the needs of travelers. During uncertain times, a good travel insurance agent will be up to speed on recent changes at specific destinations.

For example, last year Costa Rica Foster began requiring at least $2,000 in coverage for quarantine lodging expenses in case travelers get Covid-19. Foster at Trawick International notes that they “took quick action and worked with our underwriter and carrier to update our policy to comply with Costa Rican government travel policy.”

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