Thai-made ‘Airship Academy’ is an Upcoming Open-world Steampunk RPG

Thai game developers, Revolution Industry is a team of game industry veterans who have come together to create a whole new game, Airship Academy.

This part-time project has been worked on by the team for the past two years, and will be released sometime in 2022. Airship Academy is a top-down open-world simulation RPG created in the same vein as classic games like Star Control, Freelancer, and Sid Meier’s Pirates.

Players assume the role of a veteran airship commander enlisted for a job in the kingdom of Suthseg. The kingdom is in the continental landmass known as Europa, where different nations and cultures thrive on different archipelagos at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.


Spectacular airship battles await the player with insurmountable depth and complexity, all while navigating a vast open world through the skies of the continent.

Buy, build, and upgrade over 150 parts and fit them into over 30 different airship frames. The balance between speed, agility, durability, firepower, and transport efficiency are key to various strategies and tactics in battle.


Players can also enlist, level up, and build relationships with their crewmates as they make the best use of the crewmen’s tactics and skills. Push the capability of an airship to its limits and seize the day to enjoy the spoils of victory.

The game also boasts more than 100 questlines to follow and unravel lore and mysteries of the world. Traverse the skyscape and learn about the history and recent events through helping and listening to people in over 70 ports and 150 NPCs each with their own unique storylines.


​One unique aspect of Airship Academy is that the measurement unit and time taken during travel are measured in real time and real units. Even though the player can accelerate time, this can infuse them with a strong sense of immersion.

Wishlist the game on their official Steam page to keep up to date on Airship Academy’s development.

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