DEAR ABBY: I am currently without a job. I hesitated to inform my mother because I was sure her reaction would only add to my stress. I was right. She constantly corners me about my efforts to find a job. I talk to her nearly every day to keep up with how she and my stepfather are doing. Because she never fails to dig into me about my job search progress, I now find ways to shorten our conversations.

I can get a job or two to sustain my living expenses for the time being.

However, I’m trying to hold out for a job or career that connects to my soul passion. Working for decades in a job that sustains me and my children is no match for the longing of my passion. (I’m still not sure what it is.)

How do I curb my mother’s pushing me for a resolution without coming off as annoyed, which I am?

I’m sure she wants to express her concern, but I want support in my efforts without feeling condemned. Help me, please. — ANNOYED IN ALABAMA

DEAR ANNOYED: I will try. Because you still aren’t sure what your “soul passion” is, it’s time to find out. A place to start might be a career counseling center (some universities have them). Contact one or more and inquire whether they offer career counseling and aptitude testing. The test results will tell you what you are best suited for.

Of course, this service is not offered for free, which is why you might want to buckle down and take a job or two in the meantime to afford it, as well as to feed your little family.

As to your mother, who may be worried because you don’t yet have a plan of action, explain to her about seeking career counseling and she may calm down.

DEAR ABBY: I’ve been seeing a man, “Carson,” on and off for about five years. Last year, when I asked him if we were exclusive, he quickly said no, so I went and slept with an ex and became pregnant. I didn’t reach out to Carson because I thought the baby belonged to my ex, but when the baby was born I quickly realized she might be Carson’s. When I told him, he immediately denied she was his but still rekindled our relationship. Abby, he disappears frequently and doesn’t answer my calls. What should I do? Leave him? Stay? I do love him. — HOPELESS ROMANTIC IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR HOPELESS ROMANTIC: Have your child DNA-tested. If it proves she is Carson’s, he should be contributing to his daughter’s support. (The same goes for anyone else you think could be the father.) It’s important that you understand this man behaves the way he does because he is not in love with you and doesn’t care about your feelings.

He sees other women, just as he did the first time around. If this is the way you want to be treated,

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You haven’t got time or resources to fix-up your home, have open homes, and wait for an offer. According to Fox 21, nonetheless, the house discovered a buyer lower than every week after being listed.

Meanwhile, Courtney was a proficient bassist who played within the faculty’s jazz band. Jackson PollisReal Estate is an American indie rock band from Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States, formed in 2009. The band is at present based in Brooklyn, New York, and presently consists of Martin Courtney , Alex Bleeker , Matt Kallman , Julian Lynch , and Sammi Niss .

The data supplied herein is deemed correct, but subject to errors, omissions, worth changes, prior sale or withdrawal. United Country doesn’t guarantee or is anyway answerable for the accuracy or completeness of knowledge, and supplies stated information without warranties of any sort. United® Country Real Estate is the nation’s largest integrated organization of actual estate and public sale professionals, we focus on real property throughout the encircling small cities and cities of rural America. All data, together with all measurements and calculations of area, is obtained from varied sources and has not been, and will not be, verified by broker or MLS.

If you agree on a down fee followed by annual payments, you’d pay taxes primarily based on the share of your profit on each fee, but not the entire gain. In the end, nevertheless, the whole Garden City Hospital taxes you pay would be the identical as when you had paid them all at once—barring future adjustments in the tax rate. You’ve delayed taxes quite than avoided them, Levine explained.

Medellin, Colombia is a beautiful and pristinely saved metropolis, unlike any other on the …

People who want to collect unemployment benefits in Arizona will once again need to actively search for work to get them following an executive order Gov. Doug Ducey issued Monday.

In March 2020, Ducey waived the so-called “work search” requirement because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it hard or impossible for people to find work as businesses largely shut down.

But with employers having trouble filling some jobs and the relative ease of obtaining a COVID-19 vaccination today, people will again need to be in the job market to collect public benefits in Arizona.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security will enforce the reinstated requirement the week of Sunday, May 23, according to the Governor’s Office.

“A year out from the start of the pandemic, jobs and vaccines are readily available,” Ducey said Monday in a statement rescinding his previous order to waive the requirement. “Arizonans are ready to get back to work. Our economy is booming, jobs need filling, more than 2 million Arizonans are fully vaccinated, and vaccination appointments are available to anyone who wants one.”

About 200,000 Arizonans were collecting jobless benefits as of the week of April 24, according to the Department of Economic Security. That includes people on traditional unemployment and those getting special benefits set up by Congress to pay benefits to people who would not normally qualify but lost work because of the pandemic.

Those people still can collect benefits until their eligibility runs out, but they will need to show they are searching for work like beneficiaries did before the pandemic.

The hospitality industry is particularly troubled by the inability to hire back workers who were laid off or furloughed last year as the pandemic shut down most leisure travel. Some of those workers are reluctant to return because of the expanded jobless benefits, while others have found better jobs and still others can’t return to work because they have young children at home learning remotely.

Ducey channeled President Ronald Reagan in his statement, stating that “the best social program is a job.”

“This statement rings true today,” Ducey said. “Unemployment benefits are still available to Arizonans who need them, but now that plenty of jobs are available, those receiving the benefits should be actively looking for work.”

Chamber, tourism officials like change

Tucson Metro Chamber President and CEO Amber Smith supported the governor’s action to help employers fill positions and get their cash registers moving again.

“Southern Arizona businesses made many adjustments and sacrifices to weather the economic effects of the pandemic,” Smith said in a statement on Monday. “Businesses cannot afford to weather another storm unable to fill positions. Now that vaccines are out far and wide, many businesses are scaling back up looking for employees. It’s important that we work to meet this job demand and get the word out that a variety of jobs are available.”

Arizona Office of Tourism Director Debbie Johnson also supported the governor’s move, saying travelers are returning to Arizona and creating

Governor Ron DeSantis’ order to waive the work search requirement for unemployed Floridians expires April 24.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ order to waive the work search requirement for unemployed Floridians expires April 24, and unless he decides to extend it again, people will love their benefits if they do not complete work searches before claiming weeks.

The work search requirement ensures claimants apply to at least five different jobs every week before claiming benefits.

Claimants are recommended to search for jobs on a website called Employ Florida, which connects with the Department for Economic Opportunity.

“The issue comes into play when Employ Florida needs to cross-match the info into CONNECT,” said unemployment expert Vanessa Brito.

Brito is worried because in the past, the CONNECT system has had many glitches associated with cross-matching.

“We’ve already seen it, people are trying to be proactive,” Brito said.

If you go into CONNECT and click “workforce registration information,” DEO provides a how-to guide. The problem is, the guide doesn’t match with the actual Employ Florida website.

“That guide that was just updated this week has steps that claimants aren’t seeing on the employ Florida website,” Brito said.

When asked about the guide that was provided to claimants, DEO said it’s an old document that hasn’t been updated since Employ Florida updated its website. But, claimants haven’t been told that.

“I looked at it and thought, that doesn’t even look like the same website,” said Amanda Cash, who lost her job as a travel agent. “The information doesn’t correlate.”

Cash said an outdated guide shows DEO isn’t ready for the change.

She is worried the work search will create even more glitches within her claim, which has been keeping her afloat as she waits for her business to pick back up.

“Trying to get through the pandemic and not give up, it’s just really hard,” Cash said.

Pinterest’s latest report on recent search trends show that people are more interested in travel now than they were before the pandemic.

According to Pinterest’s data, people are searching for travel-related topics more now than at any point in the site’s history.

I tried to verify that claim but Pinterest’s Trends tool only goes back to April 2020, although it does show a curious spike in January.

Pinterest Search Trends Show All-Time Interest in Travel

To look further than Pinterest’s public data we must turn to the company’s new report.

Travel searches on Pinterest are reportedly up 60% year over year.

Compared to 2019 travel searches on Pinterest are up 40%.

Those searches are turning into conversions, as Pinterest references data from GlobalWebIndex showing 7 in 10 people are planning a vacation this year.

There has never been a greater opportunity for marketers to reach travelers on Pinterest.

Travel is a broad category, so let’s look dig deeper into the data for more insights on what travelers are searching for.

Pinterest says the increase in travel searches are coming from eight types of travelers:

  • Rural tourists
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Digital nomads
  • Bucket listers
  • Culture chasers
  • Foodies
  • Memory makers
  • Weekend travelers


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What these audience personas have in common is their desire for more meaningful travel experiences.

“Gone are copycat itineraries and trips by obligation. Today’s travelers are looking for more meaningful experiences that cater to personal passions and help them build connections. Coming out of COVID, you’ll also see new types of travelers emerge.”

Pinterest provides specific details about three of those audience personas.

Rural Tourists

A rural tourist aims to get away from crowds and seeks places with room to spread out.

These travelers are on the hunt for hidden gems, like small towns with unique character.

Compared to 2019, Pinterest has seen:

  • An 80% increase in searches for rural travel topics.
  • An 85% increase in searches related to the countryside.
  • A 75% increase in searches related to lakehouses.


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Outdoor Enthusiasts

After being advised to stay indoors for over a year there’s an increase in people craving outdoor adventures.

Travelers are searching for locations all over the world to find outdoor travel inspiration – places like Montana, Lake Tahoe, and Tanzania are especially popular.

Compared to 2019, Pinterest has seen:

  • A 150% increase in searches related to national parks.
  • A 30% increase in searches related to hiking.
  • A 65% increase in searches related to surfing.

Digital Nomads

A digital nomad endeavors to combine their work life with travel by taking their commitments with them on the road.

Digital nomads are said to be particularly interested in places like Puerto Rico and Hawaii.


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Compared to 2019, Pinterest has seen:

  • A 50% increase in searches related to digital nomadism.
  • A 1.6x increase in searches related to nomad trailers and campers.
  • A 1.8x increase in