A recent report compiled by the American management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company, suggests that around 12 percent of the population in eight countries, including India, may need to switch jobs by the end of the decade.

The report cites that COVID-19 has pushed faster technology adoption and hence, ‘the scale and nature of workforce transitions required in the years ahead will be challenging.’

The study was conducted in the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, China and India.

A pre-pandemic survey had suggested that 6 percent of the population in these countries would need to reskill and find other career options but the figure has shot up to 12 percent in the wake of increased reliance on technology due to the pandemic.

The report, based on a detailed study of the Indian job market, states, “In India, the share of total work hours spent using physical and manual skills will decline by 2.2 percentage points while time devoted to technological skills will rise 3.3 percentage points.”

However, even as many jobs become obsolete, new work areas will also emerge. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, these are the areas where a plethora of work opportunities would come up in a few years.

— 3D and 4D printing and modelling

— Artificial intelligence (e.g. machine learning, neural networks, NLP)

— Augmented and virtual reality

— Big data analytics

— Biotechnology

— Cloud computing

— Distributed ledger technology (e.g. blockchain)

— E-commerce and digital trade

— Encryption and cybersecurity

— Internet of things and connected devices

— New materials (e.g. nanotubes, graphene)

— Power storage and generation

— Quantum computing

— Robots, humanoid

— Robots, non-humanoid (industrial automation, drones, etc.)

— Text, image and voice processing

 Here is a look at a few interesting future career options.

Space tourist guides: As fantastic as it may seem, space tourism is going to become a thing very soon. In fact, Jeff Bezos-owned Blue Origins is already inviting bids to book a seat in its space rocket. In the coming years, space tourism is certain to become a trend among the elites around the world. Thus, a space tourist guide may soon become a coveted and highly rewarding job.

Planner for leisure time activities: As automation increases, people will have more time in hand to go out for passive or active vacations. Therefore, leisure time planners will be in great demand. 

Climate geo-engineers: This must come as no surprise given the pressing need to fight climate change. In the future, each nation is likely to appoint a battery of climate geo-engineers to lower its carbon footprint and bring down the overall temperature of the planet.

Data privacy experts: Given the debate and awakening around data privacy, every tech company in the future is sure to hire data privacy experts who will be tasked with securing the data of users and the company. 

Virtual reality influencer: In the last decade, social media witnessed a dramatic boom and