School activities/clubs: National Honor Society

School athletics: Baseball, basketball, volleyball, track

Honors, letters or awards: Honor role every year of high school, 9 out of 355 students for weighted class rank, 1 out 355 students for unweighted, Defensive Player of the Year Award for IT basketball (Sophomore Year), Most Dedicated Player Award for IT volleyball (Freshman Year), Brian Edwards Award in 8th grade, Chancellor’s Scholarship for UW-Whitewater.

Out-of-school activities/hobbies: Playing basketball, running, working out, watching sports, walking trails, hunting (duck, goose, and pheasant), being around family/friends, listening to music, and working at Reebok at the Prime Outlet Mall.

College choice: UW-Whitewater or UW-Madison

Intended major/field of study: Integrated Science & Business

Three words that best describe my role model: Confident, persistent, and logical

What I hope to accomplish in my lifetime: I plan to live a life in which I hold a job in the medical sales field selling diabetes equipment. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 14 and feel I could bring a lot of experience in trying to help others who have also been diagnosed with this lifelong disease. In addition, my love for hunting will for sure carry over into my adult years and I plan on having a black lab I can go with. I also want my core family and friends to be along for the journey and travel/explore different places with me.