Health department director wins national pageant title

Fifteen years ago, LaShan Dixon’s friends challenged her to enter a pageant. The experience, and others that followed, helped her hone in on skills she

Public Health as the Antidote for, not a Weapon Against, the Refugee Crisis

The allure of an elusive “American dream” beckons many who face perilous conditions at home to embark on the arduous journey to seek refuge in

FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Applauds House Passage of Bipartisan Government Funding Bill

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration applauded House passage of the bipartisan funding bill, which delivers for the American people through critical investments in a range of bipartisan priorities—from

A look at a rare COVID vaccine side effect

BEND, Ore. — Monica Melkonian wanted the Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine. It was only one shot and then she would be protected against the

U.S. Can’t Use Health Rule to Expel Migrant Families Facing Persecution, Court Says

WASHINGTON — A public health rule that has kept many undocumented migrants from entering the country during the pandemic suffered a blow on Friday, when

Legal experts weigh in on Title 42 following federal court rulings

Two federal court rulings last Friday has caused confusion regarding asylum-seeking migrants in the U.S. Denise Gilman, an immigration law professor at the University of

Legislators want to expand eligibility criteria for health district directors | News

 Virginia legislators want to expand the potential pool of candidates who can take charge of local health departments — a position that’s become increasingly central

Measuring the transformative utopian impulse for planetary health in the age of the Anthropocene: a multi-study scale development and validation

The scale items were developed to capture the key elements of the transformative utopian impulse for planetary health identified in the literature discussed in the

When will Joe Biden end Title 42 for immigrants at border?

WASHINGTON Democratic leaders are increasing pressure on President Joe Biden to do away with a public health order that prevents migrants from entering the country,