The Maur Hill-Mount Academy swimming travel to Lansing High School to compete in a swim meet with a total of five schools in attendance. The highlights for the Ravens were Emmaly Dryden place fifth in the 100 Breaststroke and Martha Madden placing third in the 500 Free. 

The rest of MHMA’s total results: 

7th A ‘MH-MA’ (Rory Mata, Emmaly Dryden, Martha Madden, Charlotte

11th B ‘MH-MA’ (Emily Beien, Faith Merkle, Ashtyn Young, Clare Harris),

14th C ‘MH-MA’ (Sarah Humburg, Helen Harris, Olivia Ramsey, Macie

18th Emily Beien, MH-MA, 2:54.16 PR, 20th Sarah Humburg, MH-MA, 2:57.49, 21st Clare Harris, MH-MA, 3:02.06

8th Rory Mata, MH-MA, 2:58.06, 10th Charlotte Haigh, MH-MA, 3:01.24

17th Emmaly Dryden, 30.69 PR, 20th Rory Mata 31.00, 26th Faith Merkle 33.11 PR, 38th Macie Adams 36.52 PR, 46th Morgan Varney 40.76 PR, 52nd Amy Martinez 48.39, 53rd Yorleny Carbajal 48.87 PR, 54th Bethany Dang 51.32

7th Olivia Ramsey 1:29.67 PR, 8th Ashtyn Young 1:37.60 PR, 9th Helen Harris 1:39.37

9th Martha Madden 1:03.84 PR

3rd Martha Madden 6:35.97, 11th Clare Harris 8:34.94

7th A ‘MH-MA’ (Martha Madden 30.35, Charlotte Haigh 30.41, Emmaly

Dryden 31.36, Rory Mata 30.72), 2:02.84

13th B ‘MH-MA’ (Helen Harris 41.96, Macie Adams 39.04, Olivia Ramsey

38.57, Clare Harris 34.14 ), 2:32.71

16th C ‘MH-MA’ (Morgan Varney 49.24, Yorleny Carbajal 42.83, Amy

Martinez 47.33, Bethany Dang 50.71), 3:10.11

8th Emily Beien 1:25.93 PR, 11th Sarah Humburg 1:38.35, 12th Charlotte Haigh 1:40.96, 15th Morgan Varney 1:49.61 PR

5th Emmaly Dryden 1:26.12 PR, 13th Olivia Ramsey, MH-MA, 1:41.67, 14th Faith Merkle1:43.28, 16th Helen Harris 1:43.34 PR, 18th Ashtyn Young 1:52.20, Macie Adams 2:04.02

8th A ‘MH-MA’ (Ashtyn Young 1:19.19, Faith Merkle 1:19.43, Sarah

Humburg 1:20.09, Emily Beien 1:15.67), 5:14.38;