Interest in travel insurance was growing even before the pandemic hit, with CNN Travel reporting that “Americans spent nearly $3.8 billion on travel protection in 2018, including on policies for trip cancellation and interruption, emergency medical and medical evacuation.” This figure from 2018 represented an increase of more than 40% from 2016. However, most travelers found themselves out of luck when COVID-19 ambushed their travel plans, because most travel insurance didn’t cover pandemics.

As travel starts to ramp up again, many travelers are looking for travel insurance plans that cover the hardships that can occur when the world is still dealing with a pandemic, including comprehensive cancellation policies and financial coverage in the event of illness caused by COVID-19. 

A boost in travel insurance purchasing is a good thing for insurance brands, but differentiating plans and services to drive interest from travel insurance shoppers can be tricky in a crowded market. Travel insurance providers, including Travelex, Allianz and World Nomads, have launched apps, partnerships, social media campaigns and contests to create brand awareness, boost consumer engagement and drive conversions.

Travelex Introduces App Offering On-The-Go Travel Advice & Updates


Travelex Insurance, an Omaha-based travel insurance provider offering services since 1996, recently debuted an app “designed to enhance customers’ demand for increased safety and peace of mind,” according to a press release about the launch. The Travelex app, called Travel On, is available for free to customers who purchase “Travelex’s most popular leisure travel protection plans.” The app offers “destination intelligence and travel advice” ranging from food and water safety to updates about vaccinations and local news. The Travelex app supports the desire to travel while calming the nerves and uncertainty about what to expect. “The timing is right to introduce the Travel On app with the purchase of a Travelex plan. First and foremost, it will provide meaningful information to our customers before and during their trip, ensuring they always feel secure and connected”, said Shannon Lofdahl, president & CEO of Travelex Insurance. “This is just the beginning; we plan to continue adding features and functionality based on our customer needs and feedback.” Any brand associated with travel is aware of the range of emotions many consumers are feeling right now. Offering positive, effective messaging that answers questions and creates trust is a smart way to address those emotions.

Allianz Promotes Partnership With Olympic & Paralympic Movements Across Instagram And Twitter


In January, Allianz SE, parent company of travel insurance provider Allianz Partners, announced that an “eight-year worldwide partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Movements,” would begin “in earnest” after news of the collaboration was announced several years ago. In the interim, Allianz has been promoting the partnership in target markets, including Australia, China, France and Spain, and will now transition to campaigns around the world. “As one of the best known international events in the world, the Olympic Movements have always been closely tied to the desire to travel in order to meet new people and experience new