DEAR ABBY: I am currently without a job. I hesitated to inform my mother because I was sure her reaction would only add to my stress. I was right. She constantly corners me about my efforts to find a job. I talk to her nearly every day to keep up with how she and my stepfather are doing. Because she never fails to dig into me about my job search progress, I now find ways to shorten our conversations.

I can get a job or two to sustain my living expenses for the time being.

However, I’m trying to hold out for a job or career that connects to my soul passion. Working for decades in a job that sustains me and my children is no match for the longing of my passion. (I’m still not sure what it is.)

How do I curb my mother’s pushing me for a resolution without coming off as annoyed, which I am?

I’m sure she wants to express her concern, but I want support in my efforts without feeling condemned. Help me, please. — ANNOYED IN ALABAMA

DEAR ANNOYED: I will try. Because you still aren’t sure what your “soul passion” is, it’s time to find out. A place to start might be a career counseling center (some universities have them). Contact one or more and inquire whether they offer career counseling and aptitude testing. The test results will tell you what you are best suited for.

Of course, this service is not offered for free, which is why you might want to buckle down and take a job or two in the meantime to afford it, as well as to feed your little family.

As to your mother, who may be worried because you don’t yet have a plan of action, explain to her about seeking career counseling and she may calm down.

DEAR ABBY: I’ve been seeing a man, “Carson,” on and off for about five years. Last year, when I asked him if we were exclusive, he quickly said no, so I went and slept with an ex and became pregnant. I didn’t reach out to Carson because I thought the baby belonged to my ex, but when the baby was born I quickly realized she might be Carson’s. When I told him, he immediately denied she was his but still rekindled our relationship. Abby, he disappears frequently and doesn’t answer my calls. What should I do? Leave him? Stay? I do love him. — HOPELESS ROMANTIC IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR HOPELESS ROMANTIC: Have your child DNA-tested. If it proves she is Carson’s, he should be contributing to his daughter’s support. (The same goes for anyone else you think could be the father.) It’s important that you understand this man behaves the way he does because he is not in love with you and doesn’t care about your feelings.

He sees other women, just as he did the first time around. If this is the way you want to be treated,

By Christopher Rugaber | Associated Press

WASHINGTON — America’s employers added just 235,000 jobs in August, a surprisingly weak gain after two months of robust hiring and the clearest sign to date that the delta variant’s spread has discouraged some people from flying, shopping and eating out.

The August job growth the government reported Friday fell far short of the sizable gains of roughly 1 million in each of the previous two months. The hiring jumps in June and July had followed widespread vaccinations that allowed the economy to fully reopen from pandemic restrictions. Now, with Americans buying fewer plane tickets, reducing hotel stays and filling fewer entertainment venues, some employers in those areas have slowed their hiring.

Still, the number of job openings remains at record levels, with many employers still eager for workers, and overall hiring is expected to stay solid in the coming months. Even with August’s tepid job gain, the unemployment rate dropped to 5.2% from 5.4% in July. With many consumers still willing to spend and companies to hire, the overall U.S. economy still looks healthy.

The details in Friday’s jobs report showed, though, how the delta variant held back job growth last month. The sectors of the economy where hiring was weakest were mainly those that require face-to-face contact with the public. More Americans said they were unable to work in August because their employer closed or lost business to the pandemic than said so in July.

“The delta variant has taken a bigger toll on the job market than many of us had hoped,” said Sarah House, a senior economist at Wells Fargo. “It’s going to take workers longer to come back to the labor market than we expected.”

A few months ago, many economists, as well as officials at the White House and Federal Reserve, had expected a fading pandemic to encourage more people to resume their job searches. Worries about getting sick on the job would fade, they hoped. And as schools reopened, more parents, particularly women, would return to the workforce.

So far, that hasn’t happened. As a consequence, many economists now predict that the Fed will delay an announcement that it will begin withdrawing the extraordinary support for the economy it unleashed after the pandemic erupted in March of last year.

The August jobs report “slams the door” on the prospect of the Fed announcing a pullback when it meets later this month, said House, the Wells Fargo economist. Fed Chair Jerome Powell made clear last week that the central bank would begin to reverse its ultra-low-rate policies later this year if the economy continued to improve.

Hiring in a category that includes restaurants, bars and hotels sank to zero in August after those sectors had added roughly 400,000 jobs in both June and July. Restaurant dining, after having fully recovered in late June, has declined to about 9% below pre-pandemic levels, according to reservations website OpenTable.

Some live shows, including the remaining concerts on country star Garth Brooks’

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7:23 a.m. – Peterson-Schriever Garrison closure

The garrison commander has directed base closure for Schriever AFB to all personnel effective immediately. For Schriever AFB, personnel do not report to work March 14, 2021 and mission essential personnel are to remain on duty until relieved.

The garrison commander has directed a mission-essential only posture at Peterson AFB and Cheyenne Mountain AFS effective immediately. For Peterson AFB and Cheyenne Mountain AFS, non-mission essential personnel do not report to work March 14, 2021. The Commissary and BX will remain closed.

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A report released this month by the Oregon Employment Department highlights the impact the pandemic has had on Oregon’s leisure and hospitality industry. The report shows the pandemic wiped out 25-years of jobs gains in the sector.

The report says since spring 2020, mandated closures or curtailments for entire business categories as well as changing consumer spending patterns in response to the pandemic resulted in massive and ongoing job loss.

According to OED, from December 2019 to December 2020 the leisure and hospitality sector lost 38.7% of payroll employment, compared with a loss of 9.1% across all Oregon industries. Leisure and hospitality had 211,000 jobs in December of 2019 and by December 2020 employment fell to 129,400, essentially erasing the industry’s previous 25 years of job gains. The report goes on to read that of the 178,200 payroll jobs Oregon lost during that time, 81,600 of those, or 46.9%, were in the leisure and hospitality sector.

In Northwest Portland, the impact of the pandemic is being felt. Phil Geffner is the owner of Escape From New York Pizza. He says the last year has been a challenging one.

“This year is like no other, we’re trying to keep people together, while keeping them apart,” Geffner said. “We are looking forward to, like you know, things getting back to normal, we sure are.”

The pizzeria has been a Portland staple for 38 years. The last year for Geffner has been the most challenging. He says they have kept the business open, even through the snow and ice this winter. Geffner adds they haven’t laid anyone off and have just kept going.

“It gives people, like I said, a little sense of normalcy, when they could do something like they used to do and come to some place that they used to come to, and something stays consistent in their life and that is really good,” Geffner said.

As businesses and the industry as a whole look to the future, things are already in the works to help boost that sector of the economy that has been hit so hard.

“Certainly we have seen in Portland the devastation COVID-19 has caused and our businesses are suffering, our hotels in particular are suffering but we are looking forward to a brighter future,” Jeff Miller, the CEO of Travel Portland said.

The tourism organization is working on several projects to bring life and revenue back into the city.

“We just launched a patio guide for dining in Portland. We are getting ready to launch in April an online travel agency promotions so we are getting ready to invite guests back to do all the amazing things in Portland,” Miller said.

For Geffner, they are going to keep pushing forward, making pie after pie and trying to bring some normalcy back to this part of Portland.

“I am hopeful that it can get back to some sense of normalcy and people could appreciate more of what they have because of what

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Feb. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the first two months since the Covid-19 vaccine rollout began, travel insurance aggregator, Squaremouth, says the impact on traveler trends can already be seen.

At the onset of the pandemic, Squaremouth reported an almost immediate drop-off in senior-aged travelers. The company noted their average traveler age dropped from 50+ to 38 years old.

In the two months following the initial vaccine efforts, Squaremouth says they are already seeing senior travelers bounce back.

“Early on in the pandemic and prior to the vaccine, we saw younger travelers comprising a larger market share, as the percentage of senior travelers dropped,” says Squaremouth Lead Data Analyst, Steven Benna. “Now, our data shows the traveler market is beginning to shift back to what it was before.”

Rebound in Travel for Seniors

Amid the rollout of the vaccine, Squaremouth reports an increase in the percentage of travelers in every age group over 60. During that same span, the percentage of travelers in each age group under 60 has respectively decreased, marking a significant shift from earlier in the pandemic.

Travelers Buying Insurance Earlier

As senior travelers are regaining their willingness to travel, Squaremouth notes a trend in travelers planning further ahead.

The average traveler is buying their travel insurance policy 74 days before they depart for their trip. Prior to the vaccine, travelers were buying their policies an average of 42 days ahead of time.

Squaremouth maintains a large portfolio of travel insurance products that offer coverage related to the Covid-19 pandemic, including cancellation and emergency medical benefits for contracting the virus, and Cancel For Any Reason coverage. Travelers can search for policies that include Covid-19-related coverage, including Cancel for Any Reason, here.

Methodology: hosts the largest number of travel insurance providers and policies that offer coverage related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Squaremouth Analytics has compared thousands of travel insurance policies purchased pre-and-post-pandemic to identify changes and trends in travel insurance.

Squaremouth compares travel insurance policies from every major travel insurance provider in the United States. Using Squaremouth’s comparison engine and third-party customer reviews, travelers can research and compare travel insurance policies side-by-side. More information can be found at

Available Topic Expert:
Steven Benna
[email protected]
(727) 619-7262

SOURCE Squaremouth

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