Travelling to Europe and beyond on your British passport Do you know what the policies for travelling to overseas are, now that the British isles has remaining the European Union? In the Uk, we are applied to a large amount of vacation liberty, almost never necessitating a visa on getting […]

After decades (literally) of being pretty isolated from the outside world, Iraq finally decided to open its borders to international travelers, making a dream for many come true. This is the cradle of modern civilization and the heart of Ancient Mesopotamia, home to Babylon, the City of Ur and Nineveh, […]

If you’re like most people, when you think of Paris, you probably think of romantic strolls along the Seine River, picturesque cafes, and impressive architecture. But Paris is so much more than that! There’s also a dark side to the city that many visitors don’t get to see. If you’re […]

What is included in a cruise ship vacation? And, what is not? Recently, when chatting with someone that’s never been on a cruise, they asked, “what is included in a cruise ship vacation?” We were slightly baffled by the question. Doesn’t everyone know what’s included? Don’t they know that one […]