Apprentice star and vice-chairperson of West Ham United FC Karren Brady answers all your careers questions.

Today, she helps someone who is worried about the increased pension age and someone who feels stuck in a job they are good at with no hope of a pay rise or promotion.

Baroness Karren Brady gives career adviceCredit: Lancton – Fabulous

Q) I’m in my mid-50s, and since the pension age for women has increased, I will have to work for longer than I originally intended.

I have a private pension, but I will need to continue to build this pot in order to secure a comfortable retirement.

I’m an independent travel agent, but this is only a part-time role and I will likely need to find a second job to create a portfolio career for the next few years.

Having worked in the travel industry my whole life, I don’t know what else I could do – and I’m worried my age will count against me. Do you have any advice?

Julie, via email

A) It sounds like you are managing your finances brilliantly, so well done for that.

Having to work for longer than you hoped means it’s even more important to find something that you love to do.

Could you take on more customers to go full-time in your travel agent role?

You could look at different ways to attract clients – maybe working with small companies, as well as individuals with complex needs.

Create a LinkedIn profile that details your experience and the travel expertise you have, and ask clients for testimonials.

Or you could supplement your independent travel agent role with an employed position, perhaps within a hotel or other business where you can give advice to travellers.

The travel industry has greatly suffered during the pandemic, yet most of us are desperate to do it as soon as we can, and companies that require travel will be keen to get their teams back on the road, so there will be a demand for skilled agents.

Don’t see your age as a barrier – you have many years’ experience that younger colleagues won’t have.

Be a boss

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Q) I was a stay-at-home mum for 10 years, before starting an entry-level admin job in 2019 – and now I feel stuck.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been given more responsibilities and have been told I’m a valued worker, but I have no hope of being promoted or getting a pay rise.

I’ve worked in the office throughout the pandemic, juggling childcare and picking up the slack from colleagues who either can’t or won’t do their jobs properly. Where do I go from here?

Name withheld

A) You need to understand why your manager is telling you that you have

(CNN) — Working as a flight attendant previously afforded Mitra Amirzadeh the freedom to explore the world — taking her from her home in Florida to destinations including Kenya, France and Spain.

As the pandemic spread, the perks of Amirzadeh’s job diminished. Now restricted to domestic US flights, her work involves navigating not only the fear of catching Covid-19, but also the recent uptick in disruptive passengers.

“I’m dealing with a lot of babysitting, which I never counted on doing,” Amirzadeh, who works for a low-cost US airline, tells CNN Travel. “The actual children on board behave better than the grown adults do.”

US flight attendants tell CNN Travel say the stress of the situation is taking its toll,

Susannah Carr, who works for a major US airline, says unruly incidents used to be “the exception, not the rule.” Now they’re “frequent.”

“I come in expecting to get push back. I come in expecting to have a passenger that could potentially get violent,” she says.

Amirzadeh says flight attendants across US airlines are just “over it.”

Allie Malis, a flight attendant for American Airlines, says air crew are “exhausted — physically and emotionally.”

“We’ve gone through worrying about our health and safety, worrying about our jobs — now [we are] worrying about our safety in a different way.”

The rise of air rage

There seems to be a rise in unruly passengers on board US airplanes. Pictured here: airplanes at Miami International Airport in August 2021.

There seems to be a rise in unruly passengers on board US airplanes. Pictured here: airplanes at Miami International Airport in August 2021.

DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images

This increase was often linked to cabins getting fuller, with increased security checks and processes adding to tension.

In 2019, Malis, who is also the government affairs representative at the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, a union representing American Airlines air crew, spoke to CNN Travel about the decrease of personal seat space. She said her union believed it is “strongly correlated and in a large part to blame” for the rise in incidents.

Alcohol is also an often cited contributing factor — travelers drink at the airport and board the plane without crew realizing how inebriated they are. When it all kicks off at 30,000 feet, it’s too late.

There have been suggestions that incidents just started to feel more ubiquitous in recent years because social media means videos of badly behaved passengers spread like wildfire.

But while FAA data might show fluctuating figures for much of the past 20 years, in 2021, incidents seem to have sky rocketed. In 2019, 146 investigations were initiated by the FAA. So far in 2021 that number is 727.

Covid-19 seems to have exacerbated an already existing issue to an unprecedented degree, at least in the US.

Amirzadeh recalls the silent flights of Spring 2020. People were too fearful to even look at other passengers or air crew, she says, let alone cause conflict.

In recent months, unruly behavior has reached new heights.

“It just seems like every next incident is getting a little bit more extreme, things

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The COVID-19 pandemic hit every aspect of American life, from parenting and child care to leisure and job security. It’s been well over a year since the first lockdowns began, but working in such unprecedented conditions can create stress that adds up and that may even become untenable as the pandemic drags on.

Some long-term effects of all this stress may only be starting to show up now.

“Stress is something that accumulates over time, and when that stress is not resolved, it builds up,” said Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite, a licensed psychologist and executive coach. “We’re now seeing people really feel the impact of the stress over the last year.”

Here’s how this may be showing up in your career right now:

1. You have no motivation left to do your job.

When you reach a breaking point, your mental health suffers, and this can show up as feeling generally overwhelmed at your job and thinking, “Ugh, when is this going to be over?” Horsham-Brathwaite said.

Consequently, feeling that you have too much to deal with during an indefinite pandemic can also lead to being bored and disengaged, she said.

This lack of motivation can lead to being easily distractible, unable to concentrate and feeling “checked out” at your job, said Yesel Yoon, a psychologist who specializes in career transitions and job uncertainty.

What could be causing this disengagement? By this stage of the pandemic, we may be acutely missing the wins that raises or bonuses gave us, or much-needed breaks in the day that commuting or socializing with co-workers gave us, Yoon said.

“We’re social creatures, we’re not robots. We want things to evolve and change, and want to adapt,” she said. “And not having that much in the work space, is what is leading to this malaise … that feeling of ‘Oh, I’m so over this.’”

2. You feel resentful when others act like it’s business as usual.

Resentment can fester when the reality between what you experience differs widely from what your bosses are saying. For many outside the C-suite, the status quo isn’t working. A Microsoft survey released in March found that 61% of business leaders say they’re “thriving” right now, while only 38% of workers without decision-making authority say the same. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 professionals in the survey said their employer doesn’t care about work-life balance, and most said they were overworked.

If people are being asked to do the same level of work without recognition that this is still a stressful time, they can feel resentment, Horsham-Brathwaite said. “What I’m hearing from people is that their employers have gone back to business as usual when it’s not business as usual.”

3. You feel anxiety about returning to the office.

The transition to remote work was disruptive at first, but now that employees have crafted new ways of working, there may be a hesitancy to return to the office, Jessica Methot, an associate professor in Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labor Relations,