WHY IT RATES: Packages are available at any of Beach Enclave’s three destinations: the all-new Beach Enclave Grace Bay, Beach Enclave Long Bay and Beach Enclave North Shore. —Codie Liermann, Senior Editor

With 27 private luxury villas spread across three intimate, beachfront, gated communities, Beach Enclave Turks & Caicos is the ideal choice for families seeking space, seclusion and total comfort while gathering together under one roof. Beach Enclave’s exclusive villa-resort concept combines the best of both worlds; guests enjoy the conveniences of their own private home, the amenities of a five-star resort and the personalized services of an attentive, dedicated staff of butlers, concierges and personal chefs.

While each stay is customized based on guests’ unique needs and preferences, Beach Enclave recognizes that for the modern jet set family, time together is paramount. To help expedite planning and maximize vacation time, the team has utilized its deep knowledge and years of experience to carefully curate an all-new collection of three- to ten-day family packages.

Available at all three of Beach Enclave’s locations on Providenciales, the three-, five-, seven- and ten-day family packages include all of the following:

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—Luxurious private villa accommodations

—A half-day boat excursion with snorkeling and a visit to Iguana Island

—A private, family-style chef’s dinner

—A half-day of kids’ camp

—A 50-minute, in-room couple’s massage

In addition, the five-, seven- and ten-day packages also include:

—Four hours of nanny services at Surfside Ocean Academy

—Horseback riding lessons (based on four people for a two-bedroom, six people for a three-bedroom and eight people for a four-bedroom villa)

The seven and ten-day packages additionally add:

—A second half-day or one full-day of kids’ camp

Adding on to all of the above offerings, the ten-day package exclusively features the following:

—Private tennis lessons

—Custom kids’ camp at Surfside Ocean Academy

—An additional four hours of nanny services at Surfside Ocean Academy

—A second private, family-style chef’s dinner

—A dinner for two on the town (including taxi) for the parents

Family packages start at $12,912 and vary based on villa size and location. These packages are available for travel beginning May 1 through December 18, 2021, at any of Beach Enclave’s three beachfront destinations: the all-new Beach Enclave Grace Bay; Beach Enclave Long Bay; and Beach Enclave North Shore. This offer is subject to availability and blackout dates.

For more information or to book a stay, please visit https://www.beachenclave.com/, call +1 866 580 1675 or email [email protected]

SOURCE: Beach Enclave press release.

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