Time travel is one of science fiction’s most enduring notions. As explored in everything from genre classics like Planet of the Apes and The Terminator to recent comic-book blockbusters like Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Marvel’s on-going Loki series, we’ve long been obsessed with the idea of rewriting the past to change the future. But where did this fascination begin?

While it’s difficult to determine who penned the very first-time travel story, one of the founding fathers of science fiction is credited with popularizing the concept. H.G. Wells, also known for The War of the Worlds and The Island of Doctor Moreau, even coined the term “time machine,” in his famous 1895 novella named for the device.

Though a seminal work of science fiction that was first published over 100 years ago, Wells’ The Time Machine has only been adapted twice as a theatrical feature film. First came MGM’s George Pal-directed feature in 1960. But more recently, in 2002, Warner Bros and DreamWorks came together to revisit the material with director Simon Wells, the legendary author’s own great-grandson. It’s this latter Time Machine, currently streaming, that deserves your attention as an underrated modern cult classic.

Pal’s well-regarded sci-fi picture won Oscars when it was first released but is generally regarded as a cut above its B-movie contemporaries rather than a true grade-A classic. Wells’ film, meanwhile, earned mixed-to-negative reviews and arrived in theaters as a big-budget spectacle plagued by behind-the-scenes issues.

2002’s The Time Machine.Warner Bros.

Set in 1899, Wells’ The Time Machine follows Dr. Alexander Hartdegen (Guy Pearce), who builds a time machine after his fiancée is killed by muggers. Traveling back in time to save her, he’s only successful in watching her die again, under different circumstances. Unable to change the past with the technology at his disposal, he instead travels to the years 2030 and 2037. With the help of a holographic AI named Vox 114 (Orlando Jones), Hartdegen looks to somehow overcome the determinism that seems to grip his life.

His search for answers leads to disaster when the Earth’s gravitational fluctuations, caused by the moon’s destruction, set off an earthquake that damages Hartdegen’s time machine and sends him to the year 802,701.

It’s at this point that The Time Machine begins to hew closer to Wells’ source material, as Hartdegen encounters the peaceful and primitive Eloi. One of these humanoid creatures, Mara (Samantha Mumba), retains some grasp of the English language, though the rest of the species has lost the ability to speak it, and Hartdegen learns that the Eloi are being hunted by some unseen presence. Regrouping with Vox 114, he learns that humanity has diverged down two evolutionary paths, with the peaceful Eloi living above ground in elaborate treehouses and the underground-dwelling Morlocks preying on the Eloi. The Morlocks are led by the aptly titled Über-Morlock (Jeremy Irons), whose telepathic powers keep the Eloi in a primitive state.

2002’s The Time Machine.Warner Bros.

Once Mara is captured, Hartdegen must

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Travel leaders are calling for Gov. David Ige to take action by lifting inter-island travel quarantines and moving forward with a vaccine exemption program.

Hawaii’s economy continues to lag.

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According to travel industry leaders, loosening inter-island restrictions and implementing a vaccine passport would give Hawaii a much-needed boost.

Hawaii’s visitor industry is ready for take off, but the governor is pumping the breaks.

Gov. Ige said, he is not ready to lift the inter-island travel restrictions after sighting the recent uptick in cases on Maui. He added that Hawaii may not roll out a vaccine passport program until July 2021.

Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association president Mufi Hannemann said, changes need to happen sooner.

“We need kokua now from government to make timely decisions, not wait to July,” Hannemann said. “Do it in May so that we can start having our numbers go the other direction. “

Hannemann, said hotels remained at 50% capacity even with an increase in visitors over spring break and businesses are still suffering.

“The economy is still hurting, people are out of work, and it’s not just hotels and airlines that we’re looking at here, we’re looking at small businesses, restaurants, mom and pop shops, retail attractions, you know, they need the visitors to come back,” Hannemann explained.

Hawaii ranked dead last in a recent report from the Federal Funds Information for States that looked at the economic momentum of each state. The report showed Hawaii’s economy lagged 5.14% in the first quarter of 2021, which is 3% more than a state would lag in a normal year. It also means economic recovery will take longer.

Hawaiian Airlines president Peter Ingram said, the outdated restrictions put in place in August 2020 need to revised.

“We should look at evolving our policy so that we aren’t putting burdens on a movement of people or other restrictions that that are no longer necessary,” Ingram said.

Hawaiian Airlines is even willing to help State leadership find a way to streamline the process.

“Balancing the risks and balancing the desire to have people move freely through the airports so that we’re not just creating one bottleneck after another with a new process,” Ingram explained.

Ingram is in favor of lifting inter-island quarantines completely without a vaccine exemption program.

Hannemann suggested rolling out the vaccine passport for inter-island travel first and said that could motivate more people to get the shot.