Surgery, travel: people explain Pfizer preference


A nurse prepares a shot of the Pfizer vaccine. AP Photo.
A nurse prepares a shot of the Pfizer vaccine. AP Photo.

San Fernando resident Pat Ramsir has had triple bypass surgery and his doctor told him to take the Pfizer covid19 vaccine, as it was the safest for him.

When Newsday visited the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA) mass vaccination site on Monday shortly after 11am, Ramsir was one of just a few people waiting to get their covid19 jab.

But one official said there were long lines earlier.

Ramsir told Newsday, “I was advised by the doctors and I was advised by my family away to wait for the Pfizer.”

Ramsir’s son accompanied him in the event that he had any adverse reactions after getting the jab.

Ramsir said it’s fine if people have a preference for which vaccine they take – once they get vaccinated.

One woman, who asked not to be named, said she waited for the Pfizer vaccine because: “I was told the Pfizer vaccine would have been better, especially travelling internationally.”

Even though one woman took her three school-age children to get vaccinated at SAPA on Monday, she insisted she was not going to get vaccinated. She said the only reason her children were getting vaccinated was because of their father.

The woman, who lives in Hermitage Village, added, “Well, they have to get their education so they have to get it to go to school.

“I had second thoughts, but their father said they have to get their education, and they have to get it anyhow you take it. So he decided to bring them.”

Jael Kelly went to get her Pfizer jab at the Pleasantville Health Centre on Monday. But she was disappointed to learn on arrival that the centre wasn’t giving Pfizer jabs.

So she decided to take the Sinopharm covid19 vaccine which was offered at the centre.

At the Debe Health Centre, Newsday spoke with Cindy Narinesingh, who took her daughter Samritha Narinesingh, 13, to get vaccinated.

Cindy told Newsday, “I felt a sigh of relief that she got vaccinated. I’m looking forward to her going back to school and having a little recreation to enjoy life.”

A form two student at Siparia West Secondary School, Samritha said she felt happy to be vaccinated and looks forward to physically attending school sometime soon.

The La Romaine Health Centre was deserted on Monday when Newsday visited. Only one person was waiting to get vaccinated there.