Rosario Islands

Rosario Islands have located a few minute’s boat drive away from Cartagena. It is a reflection of the natural beauty bestowed on the region of Cartagena. It is a place full of potential to entertain vacationers with its sunny beaches, delicious cuisines, hospitable people, and above all natural islands to explore. It is an archipelago of more than 27 islands. These gorgeous islands are also known as Islas del Rosario. Just like a tour to Colombia is incomplete without exploring Cartagena, similarly, visiting the region of Cartagena is void without touring Islas del Rosario. These two places procure a significant portion of capital to Colombia through tourism. These islands receive vacationers throughout the year. 4 Islas Rosario

There are a lot of activities to do in this archipelago. One of the favorite activities of the tourists is snorkeling with coral reefs as this archipelago is a heaven of eye-catching coral reefs. One can reach the islands from Cartagena within an hour on a speedboat. For those who visit this archipelago for the first time, the Caribbean sky, sun, and vicinity give a glimpse of what heaven may look like. In short, this is a perfect place for you if you love the serenity and peaceful sky, and a natural lush-green environment. Among the best islands of this archipelago are Isla Grande, Isla Del Pirata, Isla Majagua, Isla Fuerte, etc. These islands meet the expectations of what a perfect holiday should be like in Colombia. These islands provide beautiful shores to relax and enjoy. One can visit with family or friends and bonfire in the lap of mother nature.

This archipelago has been blessed with one of the freshest coral reefs in the world. Due to this, it has been a pivot of attention for scuba divers and snorkelers. In 1977, the government of Colombia transformed these islands into a national park. This step was taken to preserve the coral reefs along with marine life dwelling under the Caribbean waters. So, if you are a scuba

diver or if you are fond of snorkeling then these islands will offer you a wonderful experience of observing aqua life closely.

People who visit Cartagena go to Isla del Rosario for one day at most. Despite this, several hotels have been built on the shores of these islands. These hotels have a range from economical to luxury hotels. They can also be booked for a family function as a family function becomes more enjoyable and charismatic when it is being orchestrated at a place under the Caribbean sky.

Despite being a natural haven for tourism, the Rosario Islands are yet to experience the crowded influx of vacationers. This may have been due to certain internal and external geopolitical factors that have affected the image of Colombia, but the region is renovating its image on the international forum. The islands are not overpopulated and the indigenous people are very pleasant and hospitable.

The boat is the only source of transportation to reach the islands and travel from one island to another. Thus, it is recommended that one should acquaint him with the costs and vogue of boat travel. Speedboats are recommended as they are less crowded as compared to the ferries. If you are a solo traveler, you can also rent out a personal boat and ask the captain of the boat to show you the best islands. There is no end to the beautiful sights in the Rosario Islands. The archipelago is full of adventure, soul-freshening views, a tropical Caribbean climate, and places where one can rest or meditate in solitude.

Why must one opt for Rosario Island for vacations?

The archipelago of Rosario Islands has everything that tourists seek. The magnificent views, beautiful marine life, pleasant weather throughout the year, tasty cuisines, sunny beaches, and other things that perfect one’s vacation. Also if you go to Cartagena, then the natural beauty of Rosario is just a few minutes’ drives away from you. You can explore the islands and rest your weary torso under the Caribbean sun. In short, this place is worth visiting. Get in touch with us if you need more information.

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