Public Safety Academy Top Students

Chris Aguilar 

Next year: Attending the University of California, Santa Barbara. Career goal: Chemical engineering. Highlights: Main highlight was the pandemic. I really enjoyed the flexibility the pandemic brought me with my high school education. It really gave me time to figure myself out among other things. Scholarships, awards: N/A. In 10 years: I see myself having a job in chemical engineering, a house, and possibly living abroad.

Victoria Alvarado

Next year: Attend UC San Diego. Develop new skills, meet new people, learn more about myself as a person, and learn to adapt to a new environment and being on my own. Career goal: To receive my master’s in public health to become a physician assistant in the field of dermatology or sports medicine. Highlights: Founder of the first Hispanic and Latino Club in PSA and being president. Have made varsity as a freshman in soccer, become ASB President, as well as Key Club President. But overall, one of my dearest high school highlights has certainly been able to provide other students a voice and influence them to believe that their voice and opinions matter while serving as their ASB President. Scholarships, awards: Principals Honor Roll. In 10 years: I see myself with my degree, working in the SoCal area as a physician assistant. I hope to see myself living in an apartment or home and learning new things. I hope to travel and continue to be adventurous.

Vernice Angelie Amagan

Next year: Attend Solano Community College, then the University of San Diego and receive my bachelor of science in psychology. Career goal: Become a clinical psychologist and live my life helping people, more importantly teenagers. I want to use my struggles and the obstacles that I have faced to make a change and help those who are struggling. Highlights: Being a part of my grade’s powderpuff team. We have annual powderpuff games, where grades nine to 12 play against each other. I have been playing as wide receiver in my grade’s powderpuff team since freshman year. Last year was our year because both boys and girls powderpuff teams won our games. My graduating class were the champions. Scholarships, awards: Principal’s Honor, summer internship at Jelly Belly and earned a $450 scholarship. In 10 years: I see myself accomplishing my career goal of becoming a clinical psychologist. I will also continue to live in San Diego after graduating from UC San Diego. I see myself becoming a confident and happy woman who is also independent.

Jaida Cosby  

Next year: I have been accepted to six out of the eight colleges I have applied to, with one of them I am still waiting to hear back from about their decision. Once I have heard back from all the schools, I will see which one gives me the best education for my money, if none of them pique my interest, I will go to Solano Community College for the first two years and transfer next year. Career goal: Become a successful mathematician in the future and work for a high paying job in the math field, which can range from working in finance, working as an engineer or even as a data analyst. Highlights: Walking around Sacramento with my closest friends and then going to the Crocker Art Museum when I was a freshman. Volunteering at all the school dances and at other school’s events throughout all of high school, especially Nelda Mundy Elementary Ice Cream social where we got to eat ice cream. My favorite memory was volunteering at Public Safety Academy’s 2019 Prom. Scholarships, awards: Principal’s Honor Roll. In 10 years: I see myself as a wealthy mathematician with a master’s degree in mathematics, making upward of six figures a year, and working a job that doesn’t feel like work since I am doing something that I absolutely love. I have continued my love of tap dancing and makeup in some form, I have bought a house and a car for myself and plan to or have already bought my mom a house. Essentially, I see me and my mom being financially stable and not in any serious amount of debt.

Enrique De La Torre 

Next year: Go to Solano Community College. Career goal: I don’t really have a specific career in mind, but I would like to get into something that involves programming. Highlights: Being able to maintain a high GPA. Scholarships, awards: Principal’s Honor Roll. In 10 years: I see myself having a stable job while having enough free time to enjoy myself.

Maria Fierros Aguilar  

Next year: Attend college and major in fine arts. Career goal: Right now it is unsure but I know that I really want to pursue a career in art. Highlights: Seeing my friends at school, they always had a way to make school fun and shared many funny experiences with each other. Scholarships, awards: Creative Achievement Award from the California College of the Arts and the University Scholar Award from the University of San Francisco. In 10 years: I see myself graduated from university/college, living in a city somewhere with a pet cat, painting my days away. I would be making the most of my creativity and hopefully making amazing works of art.

Lisset Hernandez-Pacheco

Next year: Attend UC Davis next fall and major in political science or something similar. Career goal: I don’t have a clear career goal in mind, but I would like to be in a place where I can represent and help people. Highlights: I was happy and satisfied with both myself and my academic success throughout my four years, which led to good memories both at school and outside of school. Scholarships, awards: $30,000 Regent scholarship for UC Davis. In 10 years: I would like to have a happy with a steady and reliable job living in a nice home or apartment with a cat.

Tanvir Kaur  

Next year: Go to a UC and major in bio and do pre-med. Career goal: Doctor; cardiologist to be specific. Highlights: Making friends and maintaining a 4.0+ GPA. Scholarships, awards: Highest Honors, Principal’s Honor Rolls. In 10 years: I see myself done with medical school and completing my residency.

Simdane Raga

Next year: Attending UC Berkeley in the fall to major in political science. Career goal: With a major in political science, I’m hoping to later study and practice civil law and/or work in politics and government. Highlights: Over the past four years I’ve loved being in Student Council/Leadership and working to foster community at my school. It’s been fun both playing a part in creating the community and participating in it. Other extracurriculars I’ve enjoyed were tutoring and mentoring for kids at The Leaven and being a part of the Fairfield Police Department Explorer program. I’ve definitely loved being a part of the community over the past four years, and I wish the events of the past year didn’t get in the way of that as much as it did. Scholarships, awards: Berkeley Undergraduate Scholarship from UC Berkeley, AP Scholar award from College Board for having scored a three or higher on three AP exams. In 10 years: Hopefully I’ll almost be done with law school, if not already done with law school and practicing civil law at that point.

Hunter Shields

Next year: Attending UC Berkeley and hope to transfer from nuclear engineering to mechanical engineering. Career goal: I plan to found my own robotics firm for industrial, agricultural and consumer uses. Highlights: Robotics club member for seven years, Leadership member, Key Club member. Scholarships, awards: Conditional Berkeley Undergrad Scholarship. In 10 years: Working at my own robotics firm attempting to automate old industries.

Doyle Slape  

Next year: Study computer science at college. Career goal: Programmer. Highlights: Straight A’s. Scholarships, awards: N/A. In 10 years: Content in a job which I enjoy.

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