Parking and Traffic Changes for 2021 Football Season at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium | City of Memphis

With the redevelopment of Liberty Park, there will be changes to game day parking and traffic control, starting with the University of Memphis football home opener on September 4 at 6 p.m.  These changes are also for the Southern Heritage Classic and AutoZone Liberty Bowl games.

Details of game day parking and traffic plans are listed below:

Stadium Parking Lots:  All stadium lots, including Tiger Lane, Red Lots, Blue Lots, Gold Lots, Silver Lots, Pink Lot, and Tan Lot, are pre-sold for all 2021 football games and only accessible with the appropriate parking pass for the University of Memphis Football, Southern Heritage Classic and AutoZone Liberty Bowl football games. Tailgating is permitted on property in designated areas. Please visit  LBMS Stadium Parking page for more details.  Opening times for stadium parking lots will be released in advance of each game, so please follow Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium and our football partners on social media or visit our websites for game-specific information. 

Stadium-operated Off-Site Game Day “Cash” Parking Lots:  The Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium will operate the following off-site parking lots on game days as cash-only parking lots. These lots will open at the same time as the stadium’s parking lots for each respective football game, and tailgating is NOT permitted. The following will be operating game day cash-only parking:

  • Coca-Cola Plant at 499 S. Hollywood St.- $20 per vehicle space
  • Tobey Park 2599 Avery, $15 per vehicle space
  • City of Memphis Surplus Lot at 2540 Avery Street, $15 per vehicle Tailgating is NOT permitted in these lots.

Independent Off-Site Game Day “Cash” Parking Lots:  The following area partners will be operating game day cash-only parking. Opening times and prices vary per lot. These lots generally open 2-3 hours before kick-off.  Tailgating is NOT permitted in these lots. 

  • Christian Brothers University, Central Ave. entrance
  • Maxine Smith Steam Academy/Middle College,750 E. Parkway,
  • Shelby County School Board, 160 S. Hollywood
  • Kroc Center, 800 E. Parkway
  • Binswanger Glass, 340 S. Hollywood.  

Rideshare Companies (Uber, Lyft etc.)  Rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, will pick up and drop off passengers at two designated locations Tiger Lane or East Parkway. 

MPD Traffic Control:  The Memphis Police Department has developed a comprehensive traffic plan tailored to each football game to accommodate the many changes to the Liberty Park area for the 2021 football season.  MPD Traffic Operations will support clock-wise traffic flow along East Parkway, Central, Hollywood, and Southern Ave. Additional officers, traffic equipment, and signage will be along the perimeter and area of the stadium to assist with directions and traffic flow. MPD will also manage the dedicated shuttle routes for the Park-N-Ride service for pre-game ingress and post-game egress.  The significant change on post-game egress is one-way traffic flow on Southern Avenue between Early Maxwell and Highland Street.

Stadium Parking Access: There are four primary routes designed to provide the most efficient travel onto stadium property. Please use the following directions for the below lots:

Red & ADA Lots

Parking pass holders should travel south on S. Hollywood from Union Ave. to enter Access #4 onto Stadium property.

Gold & Blue Lots

Parking pass holders should travel east on Central from East Parkway to enter Access #7 onto Stadium property.

Tiger Lane

Parking pass holders should travel along East Parkway both north and south to enter at Access #8 and #9 onto Stadium property.

Pink, Tan & Silver Lots

Parking pass holders should travel along Southern Avenue both east and west to enter at Access #11 onto Stadium property.

Shelby County School Board

Travel south on N. Hollywood from Union Avenue to enter either parking area

Tobey Park

Travel west on Central and enter parking area before S. Hollywood and Central intersection

Christian Brothers University and Maxine Smith STEAM Academy

Travel east on Central from East Parkway to enter either parking area

Kroc Center

Travel along East Parkway both North and South to enter parking area

Coca-Cola Plant

Travel north on S. Hollywood from Southern Avenue to enter parking area

For post-game egress, fans exiting lots on to S. Hollywood St., north of the railroad tracks, should expect to be directed north along Hollywood to Union Avenue.  Fans exiting onto S. Hollywood St. south of the railroad tracks will be directed south to Southern Avenue and then east on Southern Avenue.  Fans exiting lots onto Central Avenue should expect to be directed west to E. Parkway.  Fans exiting Tiger Lane will be directed north on East Parkway.  Fans exiting lots from Early Maxwell onto Southern Avenue will be directed in both directions depending on which exit lane they are traveling and the east side lane directed east on Southern and west side lane directed west on Southern. 

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