More people buying travel insurance as holiday travel ramps up

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Whether by taking a car, plane or using another source of transportation, travel is almost back to pre-pandemic levels.

However, with some added concerns. Which is why experts say more people are considering travel insurance.

“The main reason people are considering travel insurance these days is the ability to cancel a trip and be able to get a refund,” said AAA spokesperson, Doug Shupe.

A recent study by AAA Travel found 31% of travelers are more likely to purchase travel insurance.

Aside from cancellation protection, it can also cover medical expenses while away or a longer stay if you must quarantine because you get COVID-19.

“More and more providers are covering some losses if they are related to COVID-19,” said Shupe.

But where do you even start and how much does travel insurance cost?

That’s where sites like can help. It compares travel insurance quotes.

Chief Marketing Officer Megan Moncrief says travel insurance inquiries have skyrocketed.

“In October, we were 70% over 2019 numbers, 300% over 2020.”

In terms of cost, she says there’s no “one” policy fits all. It just depends on what you want covered.

“A standard trip cancellation policy for someone insuring a partial or full amount of their trip cost can expect to spend between 4 to 10% of the cost of the trip,” said Moncrief. “If you’re not ensuring your trip cost and just want a medical policy, medical evacuation, or travel delay quarantine type benefit, it can be even less than that,”

News 8 searched for policies that would cover a $5,000 trip to Mexico.

They ranged from a low of $126 to a high of $361.

The more expensive policy covers more for interruption and medical expenses than the cheaper one.

Both will help cover an extended hotel stay due to COVID-19.

“It’s not an unlimited pot of money to go stay at the Ritz,” said Moncrief.

Experts advise to make sure you read the fine print.

“You really need to know what is covered and what is not before you purchase that travel insurance,” said Shupe.

Shupe also suggests using a travel agent who can help guide you through these policies and handle changes during your trip when they come up.

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