Mayim Bialik Discusses The Piece Of Feedback She Gets From Jeopardy Fans That Alex Trebek Didn’t

Mayim Bialik has shared Jeopardy! hosting duties with Ken Jennings for some time now, and while it still remains to be seen whether the game show will stick with either for its permanent host, viewers have gotten plenty of time to decide what they do and don’t like about them. Bialik recently talked about some of the feedback she’s gotten since taking the role, and surprisingly, one of the critiques is not something that the late Alex Trebek heard during his tenure. 

Apparently, one piece of feedback Mayim Bialik endures as a host on Jeopardy! are comments made about her choice of clothing. The star talked to Entertainment Tonight about the criticism and shared her perspective on what folks should be focusing on.

It’s very interesting to me, you know, to say, ‘Well, gosh, what should I wear?’ Alex wore a different suit every single show, but people didn’t think about it that much because it was navy or it was gray. Whereas I might wear colors sometimes and you might recognize that jacket because we also have a budget. [But] it’s not about what Mayim Bialik’s wearing, it’s about these contestants and, like, all the random, amazing things that they know.