Learn To Sell, Access Rewards and Gain Marketing Reach With Travel Agent Academy

Travel Agent Academy offers dozens of specialist courses on leading destinations, hotel and resort brands, cruise lines, tour operators, luxury travel brands, services and much more, helping more than 100,000 travel advisors each year boost sales and benefiting participating travel suppliers with exceptional marketing reach and access to a comprehensive database of course graduates.

Travel Agent Academy courses are free to enroll in for all travel advisors and are constructed with the goal of engaging students in meaningful content through a cognitive e-learning approach designed to help graduates retain information and build confidence, both of which are key to inspire motivation to sell the brand.


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Graduates of Travel Agent Academy specialist courses receive continuing education credits (CEUs) from the Travel Institute and some courses even supply graduates with access to special benefits such as newsletters and promotional and exclusive offers. Additionally, some courses and programs feature booking platforms that reward agents for selling their destination or product to their clients. For example, graduates of the Atlantis Ambassador training course will gain access to Atlantis Ambassador Rewards, a points-based travel agent loyalty program with rewards ranging from gift cards to VIP site inspections and complimentary room nights.

Meanwhile, participating suppliers benefit from Northstar Travel Group’s extraordinary marketing reach, including 1 million average monthly users on TravelPulse.com and 37,000-plus print and digital subscribers to AGENTatHOME magazine.

Suppliers also have access to Travel Agent Academy’s comprehensive database of travel advisors, which includes detailed sales profile data that clearly outlines each graduate’s business model and focus. Travel Agent Academy produces an average of 6,000 enrollments and graduates each month and boasts a Travel Advisor Subscriber Database of 80,000-plus travel professionals.

Travel Agent Academy can also promote suppliers’ existing training platforms via affiliate marketing components such as newsletters, targeted recruitment emails, featured slideshows on TravelPulse.com, sponsored posts and print ads.

Visit TravelAgentAcademy.com to learn more and enroll today or contact [email protected] for more information.

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