Kraken Academy!! enrols onto Xbox, Game Pass & PC

kraken academy xbox

Just one of four titles devs Fellow Traveller are releasing onto Game Pass as a day-one launch, Kraken Academy!! follows the tried and tested ‘anime school’ formula that has dominated some of the visual novel scene in recent months.

Releasing on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC, Kraken Academy!! places you into the shoes of a new student at the titular school. As the newbie, it’s no surprise that you will be getting to know fellow pupils, immersing yourself in extra-curricular activities and traversing the awkwardness customary to any coming of age story. Oh, and the world is about to end, your headteacher is a kraken, and you have been given the power of time travel!

You quickly realise that this school is like no other, and soon you’ll come across ghosts in the hallways, crocodiles munching on children, and a plot that, with help from the Kraken-headteacher, must be unravelled. In order to do this you must track down the Traitor, who is threatening apocalyptic destruction of the school, yet could be anyone in the school. With each three-day time loop you progress through during the course of the game, you slowly garner clues and edge one step closer to bringing the Traitor down. There’s also a number of interesting side-arcs to look into, including one involving the school janitor and a crime syndicate!

But you are still a kid after all, and must have some downtime. Luckily enough there are four clubs to try your hand at: Music; Art; Sports and Drama. Each club has exciting set-pieces to check out, from performing in a rock band, to having your creative masterpieces put on display.

If the wackiness of Kraken Academy!! sounds like a bit of you, then you can pick up a copy on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One for £14.99 from the Xbox Store. The game is also available on Game Pass for both Xbox and PC, and can be found on Switch too.

Game Description:

Make friends, free spirits and make sure that the world doesn’t end! Welcome to Kraken Academy, a technicolor fever dream that for legal reasons can only be described as “technically a school.” Join forces with a magical kraken to manipulate a time loop and save the world. Kraken Academy is no ordinary high school. Ghosts fill the art department, cultists meet below the monkey bars and now crocodiles are eating children. Join forces with a magical Kraken to uncover the Traitor, a malevolent mastermind, who could be anyone at the school. With each time loop you’ll get closer to saving Kraken Academy. While saving the world is definitely an important goal there’s a whole range of other activities to dive into. Learn teachers’ and students’ routines as you explore every corner of the campus during this three day loop. Attend a costume party, become a detective, and help the school’s janitor bring down a crime syndicate.