Judge Temporarily Stops Biden From Lifting Border Health Order

The Biden administration’s plan to end the public health rule, known as Title 42, has been blocked by a federal judge who granted requests from Missouri, Louisiana and Arizona. It’s estimated that thousands of migrants have been expelled at the Southern border since the pandemic order was imposed during the Trump administration.

The New York Times:
Judge Says Migrants Must Still Be Denied Entry For Health Reasons 

A federal judge on Monday said he would block the Biden administration from exempting migrants from expulsion under a Trump-era public health order until the policy is officially lifted next month. The federal government has announced plans to lift the order, known as Title 42, on May 23 — a move that is expected to create a considerable surge of migration from Mexico. Several states have challenged the plan, saying it will create chaos on the border and lead to significant impacts on states forced to handle the newly arriving migrants. (Jordan and Sullivan, 4/25)

Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Biden Administration From Ending Title 42 Covid Border Restrictions For Migrants

Monday’s order from Judge Robert Summerhays is unlikely to change the situation on the ground, given that the public health authority remains in place, but it may throw a wrench in the administration’s plans moving forward. More than 20 states had asked the court to block the administration from ending Title 42 and last week asked the court to immediately intervene. The Justice Department, which opposed the request, declined to comment Monday. (Alvarez, 4/25)

Judge Threatens To Stop Biden’s Title 42 Plan, Right As He Rushes To Defend It 

The White House had started preparing a more aggressive defense around its plan for lifting the Trump-era deportation policy known as Title 42, when a federal judge issued a Monday decision that likely changes the Biden administration’s plans for a full-court press. Judge Robert R. Summerhays, in Louisiana district court, announced his intent to issue a temporary restraining order that would block the Biden administration from ending Title 42 on May 23. Summerhays, a Trump appointee overseeing a lawsuit against the policy change brought by multiple Republican-led states, said the terms of the restraining order have yet to be reached. The Justice Department declined to comment on the coming Title 42 temporary restraining order. (Barron-Lopez and Ferris, 4/25)

In other legal news —

The Hill:
Supreme Court Agrees To Review Death Row Inmate’s Bid For DNA Testing 

The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to review death row inmate Rodney Reed’s request for DNA testing of evidence gathered in connection to the 1996 murder for which Reed was convicted and given a death sentence. Reed, who has maintained his innocence throughout his legal saga, has long sought DNA testing of items recovered from the body and clothing of victim Stacey Stites, as well as items found near the truck of Stites’s then-fiance Jimmy Fennell. (Kruzel and Schnell, 4/25)

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