Operating for over 20 years and based in the US, InsureMyTrip is an aggregator website that allows customers to obtain insurance quotes, buy cover and compare policies.

“InsureMyTrip is one of the most popular travel insurance aggregator websites on the market today and we are excited to be partnering with them to offer our products worldwide,” said Daryl Trawick, President of Trawick International. “My team and I have known the team at InsureMyTrip, professionally and personally, for many years. Their firm is a leading provider of travel insurance options for customers traveling domestically and internationally.”

Insurance plans include Covid-19 losses

“We applaud Trawick for developing innovative products to meet the needs of modern travellers and are pleased to offer their robust comprehensive travel insurance plan to our customers,” added Suzanne Morrow, Vice President of business development for InsureMyTrip.

Trawick International offers various international and domestic travel insurance plans and continues to research products and ideas for travellers everywhere. The company strives to provide plans that not only meet travellers’ needs but exceed their expectations. The Trawick International travel insurance plans do not exclude losses due to Covid-19. If a traveller, travelling companion or non-travelling family member becomes ill, its plans will reimburse customers for their non-refundable trip costs.

Last summer, Trawick International partnered with travel insurance aggregator TravelInsurance.com.