Industry Voice: travel insurance in a post-Covid world

International Citizens Insurance’s Joe Cronin takes a look at the state of play, and offers advice for the insurance industry to ensure they are well placed, and prepared, to provide the best possible service to customers ahead of an increase in international travel:

With over 100 million cases of coronavirus disease recorded worldwide, it is now certain that Covid-19 is, and will be, present in our lives for quite some time. Around the globe, most countries still have travel restrictions or compulsory quarantine rules in place for travellers. As vaccination efforts continue, and the threat of Covid-19 decreases, those in the travel and insurance industries have a responsibility to ensure that their business models work in a way that keeps their customers protected.

People will start to travel again to other countries, and many signs point to a quick rebound for travel in 2021. Whether on holiday, extended travel, or relocating, health and safety is now at the forefront of customers’ minds. 

International Citizens Insurance works with thousands of expatriates, international travellers, and international citizens every month. What we have identified is that there are many questions that need to be answered, and there is a wide variety of reasons why customers might need an international medical insurance policy. Health insurers should be aware of the kinds of demands their customers are making. What follows are recommendations that insurers should consider when reviewing their policies in light of the impact that Covid has had.

Offer as much medical cover as possible 

Most insurers now offer ‘Covid-19 cover’, but some will not protect customers from the full range of possible coronavirus-related incidents. Still, some insurers’ coverage is significantly more comprehensive than others, and these should be front of mind when planning a potential 2021 holiday. Those that offer the most comprehensive cover, including Covid-19 medical evacuation and repatriation, will be in pole position to land the business.

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