How Do Travel Insurance Companies Cover Covid-19?

Covid-19 has put the travel plans of many to a halt. People are waiting till the pandemic situation comes under control to travel overseas. However, travelling isn’t only about going on a vacation. You may have to travel for various reasons such as for work and studies and these are the situations that can’t be avoided or delayed altogether. This is where it becomes very important to have travel insurance that covers Covid-19 along with the other situations. How do travel insurance companies cover Covid-19? Let’s find out…

How Do Travel Insurance Companies Cover Covid-19?

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If you’re wondering how pandemic travel insurance works and how the policies cover the Covid-19 situation, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss each and everything about travel insurance in Singapore, Stockholm, San Jose or any other far reach of the globe during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

How Do Travel Insurance Companies Cover Covid-19? The new travel insurance policies that are Covid-19 inclusive covers the travellers from the day of purchase till they return back to their homes. Throughout this duration, if you become infected or sick and the doctor advises you not to travel further, the trip interruption and cancellation benefits will come to play. These benefits vary from company to company and from one policy to the other. These benefits would kick in when you’re at your destination and your travel partner or any family member tested positive for the coronavirus.

Further, if this situation happens before your travelling date, the insurance will cover your prepaid bookings and other travel expenses. If you or your travel partner got infected from the virus in the middle of your trip and were diagnosed, the policy would cover all the prepaid arrangements including accommodations and will also cover the additional expense on air tickets on your way back home.

As we have already mentioned, these policies vary by different companies and insurance providers, hence it is very important to read and understand them carefully. Also, the policies may differ for different countries and states, so make sure to find the right ones according to your location. There are hundreds of sites and online travel brokers that will help you in comparing different policies and selecting the best one for yourself.

Another great thing about Covid-19 inclusive travel insurance policies is that they don’t always cost a lot. Most of these policies are available at the same rates as the travel policies you might have purchased before the pandemic period. And even if they’re not the same, the inclusions fall in the range of $130 to $300, which is a good cost. Further, some companies also updated their travel policies, so make sure to check out the terms and conditions before purchasing one from your regular travel insurer.

How Do Travel Insurance Companies Cover Covid-19?

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COVID-19 Travel Insurance Policies Exclusions: It is very important to understand that not every covid expense is covered by all the travel insurance companies. For example: most of these policies won’t cover the cost of Covid-19 tests that you have to take before or after arrival. However, you can expect your private health insurance to cover these expenses. Some policies may include your medical evacuation to the nearest Covid-19 facility, but it may not necessarily transport you home back.

Other Useful Tips For The Covid-19 Travellers: The majority of travel insurance policies offer great benefits. However, not all the Covid-19 related expenses are covered by all the policies. If you want your insurance policy to cover all the related expenses, make sure to check your plan before buying it. If you want your policy to cover all the Covid-related expenses, then expect to pay a little extra for your inclusions. While this will be slightly expensive, it is worth buying keeping in mind your safety and well-being. Another good idea is to leave the rest of the expenses to your private health insurance coverage.

Unexpected travel bans and quarantines may also interrupt your travel and most insurance policies don’t cover these issues. So, look for the policies that offer at least some kind of reimbursement on the cancellation. Be quick in cancelling or claiming your benefits because the duration of these policies is very less. The policy will expire if you delay the decision.

Lastly, your travel destinations may too have some health and medical requirements for their incoming travellers. So, make sure to check and confirm these requirements in advance, probably before you purchase an insurance plan.

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