Hillsdale Academy Soccer wins by three against Hackett Catholic


The Colts team heads over for their celebratory jog to the fans sidelines after their Wednesday night win.

After defeating Plymouth Christian Academy by a 3-1 score on the road, the Hillsdale Academy Colts boys soccer team headed home to take on another tough foe in Kalamazoo Hackett Catholic Prep in a Wednesday night matchup. The Colts, led by head coach Neal Brady, headed into the contest with a 4-2 overall record. They lost to University Liggett and Hartford in the Cougar Cup finals. The Colts would find themselves adding another impressive victory for the young fall sports season. 

Hillsdale's Conner Welden (7) takes a pass into the Hackett Prep territory.

The Colts won 4-1. The Colts maintained much of the possession clock for the first half. The Colts had a plethora of offensive opportunities in Hackett territory to score. 20 minutes in, Grayson McArthur crossed the ball off the post. Nathan Karlovich put the ball back in the mix, and Jay Jenkins hit the ball in the net. 10 minutes later, the Colts combined on 8 passes which ended with Conner Welden sending a pass to Bennett Fast who found the corner of the net. The Colts led 2-0 at the end of the first half. 

Hillsdale's Nation Karlovich (26) looks for the pass from a teammate in the second half of the game.

The Colts had seemingly dominated and worn down the Hackett Prep defense. Hackett Prep would turn the ball over on their side of the pitch and would not be able to drive down through the tough Colts defensive players who took the opportunity with terrific passing to keep the ball from reaching their zone. 

Fans eagerly watch as the Colts head into the second half with a two-goal lead.

After halftime, the Colts kept momentum of the game and possessed the ball on Hackett’s half of the pitch. Hackett would find late-game energy and would challenge the Colts to work harder to get the offense going. However, in the middle of the second half, Luke Brady crossed the ball, and it deflected off of a Hackett player, which led to an own goal. The Colts now had a comfortable lead of 3-0. Hackett came back with a free kick, which deflected and ended up in the Colts net. It would be the only score Hackett would manage, but Hackett would have several more opportunities to pull within the Colts’ lead.