Everything You Need to Know About Singapore Hong Kong Travel Bubble

The Hong Kong and Singapore government have been in a full-on discussion regarding an air travel bubble between the two countries. The bubble is going to lift the quarantine restrictions so that travel can be made easier and things slowly start getting better.

While this discussion has been ongoing for quite some time, things slowed down in between when there was a huge surge in Hong Kong’s coronavirus cases. As things start to get better, the air travel bubble is back on the table, and its details are going to be announced short.

Hong Kong’s Tourism Commission, a body under the city’s Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, issued a statement that although the air travel bubble had been delayed due to the outbreak in Hong Kong, the governments of the two cities “have been in communication on this.”

“The novel coronavirus may not go away, and we will have to learn to live with it and adapt to the new normal. The public should be prepared that small-scale local outbreaks are inevitable from time to time. Social distancing measures may need to be tightened at times,” it says.

For those who were planning to travel or had pending plans due to air, travel restrictions can finally rejoice. So before things start to heat up, let me tell you all the things that you need to know about the newly introduced air travel bubble, what it does, how it benefits you, and what steps you need to take in order to fly safely. So, without further ado, let’s carry on.

Why Choose These Two Countries?

The very first thing you have to consider is what’s so special about Hong Kong and Singapore that both these countries decided to lift the travel ban. Unlike most of the other countries in the world, both Hong Kong and Singapore had a similar success in containing the coronavirus.

The steps taken by both their countries ensure that there is no major outbreak of the pandemic. While Singapore already had travel arrangements with other countries, they still hadn’t allowed entry of visitors for leisurely travel.

This partnership with Hong Kong is one of its kind as travelers can easily get visas from both these countries and can travel for fun. The decision was taken after careful consideration and data study regarding the low number of coronavirus cases in both countries.

However, the air travel bubble doesn’t guarantee anything as restrictions can be placed anytime. According to Ong Ye Kung, the minister for transport in Singapore, the travel bubble completely depends on real-time data. As soon as the cases start to rise, the bubble will be suspended immediately.

Who Can Travel Under the Bubble?

The reason why the air bubble is so effective in what it does is that it has some precise requirements. Anyone who has stayed in Hong Kong or Singapore in the last 14 days can travel to and from the country.

However, they will only be allowed to do so if they can provide a negative PCR test that has been carried out at least 72 hours before departure. So, if you want to travel to or from Hong Kong and Singapore, you must have a PCR test with you.

Moreover, you must apply for an Air Travel Pass and book a specially designated bubble flight market with a bubble label along with getting visas for your destination country. You must submit your health declaration before the departure and after the arrival, which can easily be done through your mobile phone.

Which Airline Can You Use to Travel?

One of the most important things you have to understand is that both countries have only allowed passengers to travel through a few special airlines. So before you book your ticket, you should take a look at whether the airline of your choice is offering an air travel bubble option or not.

If you are looking for an airline that offers Hong Kong Singapore Travel Bubble, you can click on the link. Cathay Pacific is operating alternating flights between the two countries, and you can easily travel without any unnecessary problems.

Right now, there are a few implementations regarding how many passengers are allowed to travel. The Hong Kong government has only given clearance for 200 passengers a day, which makes finding the best flights a bit harder. However, as the situation gets better, the limit will be increased to 400 passengers a day.

How Will the Tests be Carried Out?

If you are flying from Hong Kong to Singapore, you only need to get tested one time which is 72 hours before your departure. Once you land in Singapore, you will not have to go through another PCR test at the airport.

However, if you want to travel from Singapore to Hong Kong, there are much more restrictions. On top of getting a pre-departure PCR check roughly 72 hours before your flight, you need to get another PCR test after landing at Hong Kong airport.

The test and results take almost four hours, and the passengers have to wait for it. While the Hong Kong government is working on a new test that takes 30 minutes for the result to arrive, things are still in the trial process and might take a lot of time.

How Many Other Countries Can I Travel to Within the Bubble?

You have to remember that this bubble is only applicable if you are traveling between Singapore and Hong Kong. However, if you are coming from another country and want to go to Hong Kong and Singapore within the bubble, you can still do so if you are adhering to the policies.

You need to full all the eligibility criteria along with a minimum stay period of 14 days which allows you the comfort of traveling within the bubble. If the travelers still get coronavirus during the flight, the destination government will bear full expenses and handle the medical treatment.

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