Does Travel Insurance Cover Baby Gear?

Does Travel Insurance Cover Baby Gear?

Traveling with a baby often means lugging tons of supplies. And if baby gear gets lost or damaged along the way it can be a real headache.

A travel insurance policy can protect costly items like baby equipment that gets lost, damaged or stolen.

Travel Insurance Coverage for Baby Equipment

When you’re traveling with an infant or young child, most airlines allow certain items—such as a diaper bag, breast pump and milk, and compact folding stroller—on board in addition to your carry-on bags, says Daniel Durazo, a spokesperson with travel insurance provider Allianz Partners. But some airlines might require that you check “large” strollers.

Before you travel, check with your airline for the specific details, such as exact measurements of what can be carried on.

A travel insurance policy that includes baggage benefits can protect your baby equipment while you’re traveling.

If equipment like a stroller or bassinet is lost, damaged or stolen while you’re traveling, a travel insurance plan can reimburse you for the actual cash value, repair or replacement—whichever is less—up to your coverage limits, says Durazo. For example, Allianz’s OneTrip Prime plan covers baggage loss up to $1,000.

Some travel plans cover as little as little as $500 for baggage loss, which won’t cut it if you lose expensive baby equipment during the trip. World Nomads’ Explorer plan has the most generous baggage coverage we’ve seen at $30,000 for a family, with a limit of $700 for non-electronic items (like strollers).

Baggage Delay Coverage Could Also Help

Another coverage type that can be provided in a travel insurance policy is baggage delay coverage. This kicks in if your baggage is delayed for a certain time period, like 12 or 24 hours. It reimburses you for what you have to buy because of the delayed baggage, such as wipes and diapers, or maybe even a stroller. Make sure to save your receipts in order to make a claim.

Benefits Beyond Transportation Issues

A policy’s baggage and personal effects coverage can also help once you’re at your destination.

For example, Arch RoamRight’s Pro Plus plan has baggage and personal effects coverage up to $1,000, with a limit of $250 per item and $500 for valuables like jewelry. This can be tapped if your belongings, such as baby equipment, are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip.

“For instance, if you’re on a family trip to Disney World and your stroller is stolen while you’re waiting in line for a ride, you may be eligible for reimbursement,” says Cory Sobczyk, a spokesperson for Arch RoamRight.

A homeowners insurance policy can also cover theft of belongings while you’re traveling. If you have replacement cost coverage in your home insurance policy it will pay for a new item, like a new stroller, but there will be a deductible. The personal effects coverage in travel insurance generally only pays actual cash value, unless the replacement cost is lower.

Making an Insurance Claim for Baby Gear

If your baby gear is lost or damaged by an airline, first file a report with the airline or the appropriate authorities.

Check your travel insurance policy for the details of what you need to file a claim. Most insurance companies will help you file a claim online, by phone or on their mobile app. You will need documentation including receipts, an incident report and possibly photos of the damage.

Other Options for Baby Gear

You can certainly transport baby equipment as luggage, but there are other options. You can ship your baby equipment so it’s waiting for you when you arrive at your destination, or rent baby gear from local vendors.

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