For those among us who like a tipple after takeoff, consider this a sign that the world is healing: Many airlines are resuming in-flight meals and alcohol service.

Early on in the pandemic, many airlines completely cut in-flight refreshment offerings (aside from perhaps a hasty water bottle delivery). Slowly but surely, airlines are reintroducing the amenity.

For example, in 2020, Southwest Airlines cut service completely on short flights and offered only water and a prepackaged snack on longer flights. In 2021, Southwest reintroduced a small selection of nonalcoholic drinks to all flights. It wasn’t until February 2022 that its complete pre-pandemic beverage menu returned, which included more soda and juice choices — plus alcoholic beverages for an additional cost.

Other airlines moved a bit more quickly. By July 2020, Delta Air Lines was offering beer cans and single-serve wine bottles. It wasn’t until March 2022 that it brought back hot meals for its Delta One and first class customers on some flights.

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Why did in-flight alcohol get the ax?

It’s hard to peg just one reason why alcohol and hot meals disappeared on flights during the COVID-19 era. Some say it eliminated unnecessary lingering in the aisles while flight attendants took everyone’s orders.

Others point to unprecedented rates of unruly passenger reports as the reason to remove alcohol in particular. In 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration initiated 1,099 investigations around unruly passengers. That’s up from just 183 in 2020, 149 in 2019 and 146 investigations in 2018. And not all bad behavior yields an investigation. In 2021, the FAA received reports of 4,290 mask-related incidents and 5,981 unruly passenger reports.

While it’s unclear how many of those cases involved alcohol (or how many more there might be if alcohol was accessible), flight attendants suggest a correlation.

An online survey of 5,000 flight attendants in summer 2021 by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, a union, showed that mask compliance and alcohol were among the most common factors in unruly passenger interactions. Additionally, 17% of respondents reported experiencing at least one physical incident with a passenger.

Some suspect the reason in-flight beverages got the boot comes down to money. Airlines have sought to cut costs by culling refreshments long before the pandemic. For instance, Frontier Airlines discontinued serving warm cookies on its flights back in 2012, stating that fresh cookie service “does not align with either the perception or financial reality of the ultra low-cost business model,” according to a memo obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Today, refreshments are available on Frontier flights for purchase, but there are no freebies.

These days, travelers say that while service has largely returned, it’s still been significantly reduced.

“Pre-COVID, United Airlines would always offer a drink before takeoff, and flight attendants would continue to offer drinks during the flight,” says David Decker, an insurance executive and United Million Miler member.

“Currently, the flight attendants make the rounds after the plane has reached cruising altitude, but you

There are so many things to love about Switzerland; the chocolate, the cheese, the mountains, the clean air. The Swiss Alps are some of the most majestic and awe-inspiring mountain ranges in the world, and a visit to them is a must for any traveler.

If you’re looking for the best mountains in Switzerland, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the best Swiss mountains to visit and providing some information on each one.

Here are our picks for the best Switzerland mountains.

Best Mountains in Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country located in Europe with some of the most stunning mountains. It’s known for its breathtaking scenery and alpine surroundings.

The mountains here are truly impressive! Whether you love to hike or want to take in the fantastic views, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the best mountains to visit in Switzerland.

1. Jungfrau

Jungfrau Mountain Range

Mountains always seem to garner a bit of mystery and magic. Perhaps it’s because they take us out of our element- clambering up inclined slopes of rock and dirt, breathing in the rarefied air at high altitudes.

The Jungfrau, one of Switzerland’s best and highest mountains, elicits all of these feelings and more. Perched in the Bernese Alps, the Jungfrau offers visitors some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the Swiss countryside.

On a clear day, you can see Italy from the summit and the fascinating views of Central Switzerland! And if you’re looking for a ski resort to ski or snowboard, Jungfrau is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland.

With its long stretches of groomed slopes and reliable snowfall, it’s no wonder that this mountain is such a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. So whether you’re looking to commune with nature or conquer your fears, the Jungfrau is sure to deliver an experience you won’t soon forget.

It’s also home to the highest train station in Europe! The cogwheel train ride isn’t for everyone, but it affords lovely views of the region.

Where to Stay

  • Hotel Bellevue PalaceA prestigious hotel located in the heart of Switzerland. It offers guests a unique experience with wonderful views of the Alps and an array of luxurious amenities.
  • Hotel Alpenhof. A luxury hotel located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It is renowned for its breathtaking views and excellent service.
  • Hotel Silberhorn. A world-renowned hotel situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It is known for its spectacular views of the mountains and its luxurious accommodations.

2. Mount San Salvatore

San Salvatore Mountain Sceneries

At 912 meters, Mount San Salvatore is not the tallest mountain in Switzerland, but its location overlooking the city of Lugano makes it one of the most popular. The views from the summit are stunning, with Lake Lugano and the Alps visible in all directions.

The well-maintained trails make the hike to the top of Mount San Salvatore an easy one. But the beautiful scenery

The Rice Terraces of Banaue are a stunning reminder of the ingenuity of the ancient indigenous tribes of the Cordillera Mountains in the Philippines. Here’s how to see the best of them.

The Banaue Rice Terraces have a long and rich tradition in the Cordillera Mountain region of the Philippines. Located in Ifugao, a landlocked province in the centre of the main island, rice has played an important role in the daily lives of the Ifugao people for over a millennium.

Ingeniously solving the issue of growing rice in the mountains, early Ifugao ancestors sought a solution that would maintain harmony between mankind and the environment. Painstakingly constructed by piling up mud by hand, the result is a breath-taking collection of rice terraces which are locally referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World.   

Until recently, many of the Ifugao terraces were abandoned due to tough competition from commercial rice grown in the lowlands. However, thanks to an increase in the price of rice, many of the terraces around Banaue are now actively worked with around 90% of them occupied.

Thanks to this rich cultural tradition and spectacular beauty, many of the Banaue Rice Terraces have received UNESCO World Heritage Status.

If you base yourself in the town of Banaue, many of these magnificent rice terraces can be easily visited on day trips. Here are the most beautiful.  

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The closest terraces to the town of Banaue are best seen at the Banaue Main Viewpoint. It overlooks a scenic section of the terraces with a narrow ridge of steps rising from the centre of a wide valley. The location was used for the Red Bull Wakeskating video and it’s easy to see why.   

The steep narrow staircase points directly towards sunrise, making it a perfect location to capture some beautiful dawn shots.

Souvenirs and traditional Ifugao wood carvings are sold at the viewpoint and you can get a photo with the resident Ifugao elders for a small fee.

The best way to get to the main viewpoint is to hire a tricycle from Banaue. There are 4 different viewpoints which your driver will take you to on the way.


The Guihob Rice Terraces are regularly farmed and used to harvest the seed that is transplanted across the terraces for next year’s crop. As a result, the terraces are often a patchwork of bright green baby rice plants and glossy reflective pools full of water.

Women are often working the fields; precisely distributing the seedlings, harvesting the crops, and stomping the old stalks down into fertilisers. Once harvested, the men of the tribe carry the rice to market and then plough the fields for next year.

Although it doesn’t have the scale of many of the

Organizations that provide or advocate for women’s reproductive health care have been planning for years for the possibility that Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that established a constitutional right to abortion, could be overturned.

After the leak of the draft majority opinion that indicates the Supreme Court privately voted to strike down Roe v. Wade, those efforts have kicked into overdrive as abortion providers, advocacy organizations, and some state legislatures and governors work to assist women from other states with trigger laws that would ban or severely restrict access to abortion.

But even with those supports, women seeking care in states with no or fewer restrictions on abortion have already experienced increased wait times as more women from other states travel to seek care.

For example Planned Parenthood’s Colorado clinics saw 44 patients from Texas between September 2020 and March 2021. During the same period a year later, and after the passage of the Texas Heartbeat Act, they saw 506 Texas patients, according to a report by, which specializes in opinion poll analysis, politics, economics and sports blogging.

Even before the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion, women “have had to have the wherewithal to work within the system to actualize an abortion,” said Karrie Galloway, CEO and president of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah.

Under current law, patients in Utah must receive state-directed counseling that includes information designed to discourage them from having an abortion and then wait 72 hours before the procedure is provided, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a self-described “leading research and policy organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide.”

There are also limitations on health plan or insurance coverage or public funding for abortion. In Utah, the parent of a minor must consent and be notified before an abortion is provided.

In Utah, overturning Roe v. Wade would trigger SB174, passed by the Utah Legislature in 2020. The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Dan McCay, R-Riverton, prohibits elective abortion but allows procedures in instances of rape or incest, risk to the mother’s life and certain fetal defects.

Traveling for abortions

If Roe is overturned, women who seek elective abortions would have to travel out of state for care, but much depends on their personal resources and circumstances.

Even with financial assistance for travel expenses, lodging and meals, some women cannot leave their families, jobs or other responsibilities to seek care elsewhere. People with disabilities or those unauthorized to be in the United States face additional challenges.

“What we’ve learned in Texas is that so many people have never left the county that they were born in so the thought of leaving their state to get basic health care is just not a possibility. It’s just, it’s not within the realm of thinking. That’s where the reality of being able to help people comes into play, and so it’s just an extremely eye-opening state of affairs,” Galloway said.

When asked if the prospect of

Whether it’s hip-hop, rock, psychedelic music, big festivals, or niche ones, this guide to 7 new music festivals has something for everyone.

Everyone is ready to let some steam off in 2022, right? As you are considering returning to some of the big events, consider some of the lesser-known ones. Maybe it’s time to step away from the mainstream and return to the roots. These seven music festivals will take you back to the very beginnings of the great ones and rekindle your spark for the love of music festivals. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be at Glastonbury Festival in 1970, then wonder no more. There is absolutely a way to get a taste of that right now with one of these seven new music festivals. 

When We Were Young

Emo and Pop-Punk fans rejoice! Your favorite artists are coming to Las Vegas this Fall. The new festival boasts an amazing setlist. Some of the bands coming to Las Vegas this Fall are Bring Me To The Horizon, Pierce the Veil, Avril Lavigne, and Sleeping With Sirens. Paramore and My Chemical Romance will be the festival’s headliners.

Pack your stuff, and don’t forget water in your festival backpacks. It’s Las Vegas, after all.

new music festivals

Let loose and have fun with these new music festivals. Photo by Globelet Reusable via Unsplash

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DMZ Peace Train

This music festival takes place in South Korea, close to the border with North Korea. It’s being hosted by Seoul and is intended to promote peace and unification at a site symbolizing the division of the Korean Peninsula.

Initially, most of the performers were Korean, but that’s already started changing in its second year. Whether you are looking to get acquainted with regional music or looking for a more global feel, definitely a place worth checking out.

Avant Garde

A three-day festival of techno-industrial, industrial hardcore, acid techno, and dark techno taking place in Quebec in Fall 2022. It can be roughly described as having cyberpunk philosophy, aesthetics, and visuals. Going off of their promo video, it’s safe to assume that this is probably the wildest one on the list.

Something in the Water Festival

Famously debuted by Pharrel Williams, this one is coming back in 2022. The three-day event will take place in mid-June in Washington, DC. Some of the artists and bands you

The College of Wooster celebrates its improbable regional title after beating Bethel twice in elimination games Monday.

ALTON, Ill. — The complete package — clutch power hitting, gold-glove-worthy defense, and dominant pitching performances — led to another jaw-dropping remarkable regional comeback for The College of Wooster baseball team, which topped Bethel University (Minnesota) twice on Monday at Lloyd Hopkins Field to win the Alton Regional. Wooster, which won four straight games after dropping Friday’s regional opener against Bethel 12-7, forced the winner-take-all game with an 11-8 win over the Royals, then took the finale 11-6.

Now, Wooster (34-15) is set to meet up with defending national champion Salisbury University (34-9) in the Super Regional, which is set to be contested May 27-28. Wooster will travel to Salisbury for the best-of-three game series, as announced by the NCAA on Monday.

Junior first baseman Dane Camphausen provided the clutch power hitting in the winner-take-all game, first with a game-tying two-run single through the left side in the fourth inning, then with a grand slam that had just enough mustard on it to clear the right-field wall in the fifth inning. Senior right fielder Ben Hines – Friday’s hero with the walk-off two-run home run in an elimination game versus fifth-ranked Webster University – started the fourth inning off with a single up the middle, then senior shortstop Tyler Chumita laced a single through the right side. Sophomore second baseman Eli Westrick reached on a sacrifice bunt-turned error, which loaded the bases, then Camphausen tied the score.

Wooster was not done yet, as two batters later, a sacrifice fly off the bat of first-year third baseman Nick Pett pulled Wooster ahead for good. Later in the frame, senior left fielder Dominic Stilliana knocked in Camphausen on a single to left center.

A four-run fifth, with all the runs scoring on Camphausen’s 11th round-tripper of the year, opened an 8-2 lead for the Scots. Leading up to the blast, senior center fielder Ben Gbur singled to left field, Hines beat out a sacrifice bunt for an infield single, and Westrick loaded the bases when he was plunked by Bethel (35-11) relief pitcher Michael Meadows.

Bethel made things interesting in the seventh inning with a four-run frame to pull within 8-6 before junior left-hander Ryan Sullivan got center fielder Matthew Carlsen to fly out to Stilliana in left. Wooster tacked on insurance in the eighth inning, thanks to Gbur, who helped his cause out with a three-run homer to left field in what was his regional-leading fourth dinger.

Prior to Gbur’s insurance round-tripper, Westrick got to a high chopper up the middle off the bat of Ty Koehn in the top of the eighth inning and shifted his momentum 180 degrees just in time to get his glove on the bag to retire the lead runner on a fielder’s choice. Following that, Hines made a spectacular diving catch in foul territory for the final out of the inning.

Junior Owen Barnard (3-0), pitching

WEST WENDOVER — As the host of the Division 2A North regional softball tournament, West Wendover didn’t have to travel very far — but the Lady Wolverines never stayed in the mix every long either.

North No. 4 West Wendover went 0-2, losing its Friday opener 17-2 in four innings to No. 1 Yerington and falling 11-6 against No. 3 Battle Mountain on Friday afternoon in an elimination contest.

Versus Yerington

Yerington — the eventual regional champ — finally lost a game in the first title game, but not until blasting West Wendover in the tourney opener by a tally of 17-2 in four frames.

The Lady Wolverines scored a run in the top of the first inning, but the Lady Lions rolled off six runs in the home half and extended to a 15-1 lead with a nine-run flurry in the second.

West Wendover scored its final run in the away half of the third, but Yerington walked off early — winning by the 15-run rule with a two-run fourth.

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The Lady Wolverines were held to one hit in the ballgame, junior Cyanna Rodriguez going a perfect 1-for-1 but the team finishing 1-for-13.

Seniors Kaylee Ruiz and Hailey Holm scored a run each and capped the offense for West Wendover.

In the circle, Holm was handed the loss — allowing 17 runs (nine earned) on four hits with 13 walks and two strikeouts over 3-1/3 innings — according to West Wendover’s stats.

Defensively, the Lady Wolverines committed six errors.

WEST WENDOVER 101 0 — 216

YERINGTON 690 2 — (17)91

Versus Battle Mountain

In Friday’s elimination game versus Battle Mountain, the Lady Wolverines trailed early and couldn’t climb all the way back.

After scoring two runs in the top of the first, West Wendover gave up four scores in the bottom half and two runs in the second.

The Lady Wolverines trimmed the deficit to two with a two-run third, but the Lady Longhorns gained a run back in the bottom of the third — opening a 7-4 lead.

West Wendover plated its final two runs of the season in the fourth — slicing the margin to one at 7-6 — but Battle Mountain made another answer in the home, tacking on three runs.

In the sixth, the Lady Longhorns added an insurance run and pulled away for an 11-6 victory — eliminating West Wendover from the tournament.

The Lady Wolverines hit the ball well, notching 11 knocks.

However, only one hit went for extra bases and just three of the 11 came with runners in scoring position — leaving eight runners on bases.

Senior Olivia Reamer hit 3-for-4 and scored a run.

Rodriguez had a ballgame, finishing 2-for-4 with a double and driving in four runs — scoring one of her own.

Holm closed 2-for-4 with two runs and an RBI — senior Naydalin Velasquez going 2-for-4 and driving in a run.

Junior Mia Pinedo batted 1-for-3, and freshman Destiny Gonzales rounded off the

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, left, listens to Deputy patrol agent in charge of the US Border Patrol Anthony Crane as he tours the section of the border wall Tuesday, May 17, 2022, in Hidalgo, Texas. (Joel Martinez/The Monitor via AP, Pool)

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, left, listens to Deputy patrol agent in charge of the US Border Patrol Anthony Crane as he tours the section of the border wall Tuesday, May 17, 2022, in Hidalgo, Texas. (Joel Martinez/The Monitor via AP, Pool)


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Tuesday that authorities were prepared for an anticipated increase in migrants crossing the border from Mexico, days before a public health order is set to end after being used to turn people away nearly 2 million times without a chance to seek asylum.

A federal judge may order that pandemic-related asylum limits continue, but Mayorkas offered public reassurances of readiness after a whirlwind tour of Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, the busiest corridor for illegal crossings. Homeland Security has said it will prepare for as many as 18,000 daily crossings, compared with a daily average of about 7,800 in April, though Mayorkas emphasized that those are not projections.

Mayorkas visited a remodeled processing center in McAllen, the region’s largest city, where migrants sat on metal benches and on sleeping mats spread on the floor, as aluminum thermal blankets made rustling noises. Televisions pointed into cells.

The center reopened about six weeks ago for about 1,200 migrants. Chain-link fences have been replaced with cinder block walls. Cells have an open roof that Border Patrol officials said provides better ventilation.

The center is divided into two sections: one for women in 17 cells of varying sizes and another for men in four wings, with about 24 rooms. There are 44 shower stalls.

Processing for immigration court appearances can take about two hours a person with an average stay of 43 hours at the facility. Authorities distribute monitoring devices for 250 to 350 migrants released daily.

Up to 600 have been released in a day to Catholic Charities of Rio Grande Valley, officials said.

The Biden administration has sent more personnel and equipment and erected temporary holding facilities to process migrants to prepare for the end of the pandemic-era rule on Monday. Title 42 authority, named for a 1944 public health law, forbids migrants from seeking asylum under U.S. law and international treaty on grounds of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The agency also plans to increase prosecutions for illegal border crossings, crack down on smugglers and speed up evaluation of asylum claims, Mayorkas said at a news conference in McAllen.

“We’re a nation of immigrants and we are also a nation of laws,” he said. “We enforce the law and will continue to do so.”

Customs and Border Protection officials stopped migrants 234,088 times on the Mexican border in April, one of the highest in decades and a 5.8% increase from 221,303 in March, according to figures released this week.

But the April tally included 20,118 Ukrainians, nearly all of them entering the country at San Diego’s San Ysidro border crossing from Tijuana, Mexico, on humanitarian parole. That number has plummeted since April 25, when the Biden administration stopped accepting

NEW YORK (AP) — Convicted pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli was freed Wednesday from prison after serving much of a seven-year prison sentence for lying to hedge fund investors and cheating investors in a drug company.

His attorney, Ben Brafman, said Shkreli, 39, was released early from a prison in Allenwood, Pennsylvania. The move was confirmed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

“I am pleased to report that Martin Shkreli has been released from Allenwood prison and transferred to a BOP halfway house after completing all programs that allowed for his prison sentence to be shortened,” Brafman said.

Shkreli was moved to a halfway house overseen by the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ New York Residential Reentry Management Office, the bureau said in a statement.

The Bureau of Prisons said Shkreli’s projected release date from federal custody was Sept. 14.

Brafman said he has encouraged Shkreli to make no statements, and the lawyer planned no comments beyond confirming Wednesday’s moves.

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Shkreli was sentenced to the seven-year term after a 2017 conviction for lying to investors about the performance of two hedge funds he ran, skimming money for himself from those funds, and defrauding investors in a drug company, Retrophin, by hiding his ownership of some of its stock. He was also ordered to forfeit $7.3 million.

Shkreli was originally due to be released from prison in September 2023.

Dubbed “Pharma Bro,” Shkreli gained fame and notoriety after buying rights to Daraprim, a drug used to treat an infection that occurs in some AIDS, malaria and cancer patients and raising its price from $13.50 to $750 per pill.

Shkreli defended the decision as capitalism at work, saying insurance and other programs ensured that people who need Daraprim would ultimately get it.

During the campaign for the presidency in 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton called it price-gouging and future President Donald Trump, a Republican, called Shkreli “a spoiled brat.”

Shkreli resigned as chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals — later Vyera — in 2015, a day after he was arrested on securities fraud charges.

Earlier this year, he was ordered by U.S. District Judge Denise Cote to return $64.6 million in profits he and his former company gained by raising the price of the drug. She also barred him from the pharmaceutical industry for life.

He also once regularly attacked critics on social media and once offered a bounty to anyone who could give him one of Hillary Clinton’s hairs. He also was known for owning a rare, one-of-a-kind album by the Wu-Tang Clan which was sold to satisfy some of his court debts.

Associated Press writer Tom Hays contributed to this report.

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Since many countries still require negative COVID-19 tests to enter, it’s good to obtain travel insurance. After all, a positive COVID-19 test result is still possible — even if you’re vaccinated and boosted — and could derail your trip.

Increasingly, more Americans are jumping on the travel insurance train. Nearly one-third (31%) of U.S. travelers say they are more likely to purchase travel insurance for their trips planned between now and the end of 2022, according to an August 2021 AAA survey of more than 1,100 American adults. And Americans are following through with what they say they’ll do. AAA’s travel insurance sales increased between August 2020 and August 2021.

But there’s a good chance you can get travel protections without buying a separate travel insurance policy. That’s because many credit cards provide travel insurance as a built-in benefit to customers.

Credit card travel insurance is comparable to standard travel insurance, which you’d purchase through a typical travel insurance company, like Allianz or World Nomads.

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But while standard trip insurance requires you to go through the work of actually acquiring a plan, your credit card’s travel insurance provides automatic coverage — as long as you pay for the trip using a card that offers the benefit.

Standard trip insurance is typically priced between 5% and 10% of your total trip cost, according to insurance comparison site Squaremouth. However, exact costs vary based on factors such as your age, type of trip, duration and expense. With credit card travel insurance, the type of insurance coverage and the maximum dollar amount covered can vary.

In general, expect coverage between $6,000 and $20,000 per trip among cards with trip cancellation and interruption benefits. For other types of coverage, like baggage delay, it’s typically less. For example, lost luggage insurance coverage of up to $3,000 per passenger is standard, and travel accident insurance typically covers between $500,000 and $1 million.

See the best travel rewards cards that provide travel insurance here.

What does credit card travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance is a broad umbrella term, and some credit cards provide greater degrees of coverage than others. For example, cards with higher annual fees tend to offer more coverage with higher dollar values.

Common types of credit card travel insurance coverage are:

  • Baggage delay. If your checked bags don’t show up at the carousel, this coverage will reimburse you for necessities such as clothing, toiletries, etc.
  • Lost/damaged baggage. If your bags are lost or damaged by a carrier (or perhaps articles have been stolen from your luggage), you will be reimbursed for the lost/stolen items.
  • Trip delay. Suppose you’re delayed for a covered reason. In that case, you can receive monetary compensation for meals, hotels, transportation and other covered purchases made due to the delay, like an extra night’s stay at a hotel.
  • Trip cancellation. If you need to cancel a prepaid, nonrefundable trip, you may receive compensation to offset the lost funds. This benefit generally applies to