Peanut butter & Jelly. 

Bonnie and Clyde.

The Colorado Avalanche and outdoor-game traffic jams.

…Some things just go together, for better or for worse.

For the second time in as many seasons, I was lucky enough to participate in the aggravating gridlock of stop-and-go traffic, en route to covering an Avs outdoor game. Instead of I-25 North, or North Gate Blvd. leaving the U.S. Air Force Academy, the culprit this time was U.S. Route 50 — more commonly known by the locals as the El Dorado Freeway, a scenic highway that runs from Sacramento, California to South Lake Tahoe.

I was so damn close too. Just 25 miles away from the large lake known as “Big Blue,” suddenly the two-lane El Dorado byway came to a sudden halt. As I opened up the GPS on my phone, I saw it read two hours, 11 minutes…to cover 25 miles. I violently rub my eyes in disbelief. Thinking I was going to arrive at the Edgewood Golf Resort with plenty of time spare, suddenly, according to the GPS, I would be lucky if I made it there by the end of the first period.

*Cue record scratch, freeze frame* You’re probably wondering how I got here…

Let’s start back at the San Francisco airport, where I last left you all in the first chapter of my travel diary.

Where were we…

It’s roughly 4:30 a.m. and finally I decide it’s time to get up from my half-moon banquette I tried to slumber in at the abandoned food court at Terminal 1. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t able to catch any shut-eye. 

Anyway, due to a clerical error — which was, admittedly, a lack of time-zone converting on my end when I was booking my rental car — my plan was to head to the off-airport Fox Rent-a-Car center right when they opened at 5 a.m. and beg them to give me a car two hours earlier than I had originally reserved it. Had I stuck with the original 7 a.m. pick-up time, I realized the four-and-a-half hour drive would’ve been cutting it very close to the Noon Pacific Time puck drop. 

After washing my face, brushing my teeth and putting on more presentable clothes than the airportware I was sporting (sweats and a hoodie are my go-to for comfortable airportware, by the way), I took the shuttle to Fox and arrived at 5:15 in the a.m.

After explained the situation — told him where I was going, what I was doing, trying to seem far more important than I actually am — the not-so-nice rental car attendant informed me that I wouldn’t be able to make it to Lake Tahoe in the current Economy rental I had reserved, which he informs me is an adorable little Toyota Yaris.

What do you mean I won’t make it? I ask, in a snarky, I-haven’t-slept-in-24-hours kind of way.

At this point, the Fox salesman informs me of California’s strict tire chain enforcement as you near Tahoe

Etowah High School football will be hitting the road to play Lipscomb Academy in Nashville on Oct. 15. 

Lipscomb, coached by Super Bowl champion quarterback Trent Dilfer, finished as the runner-up in the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association’s Division II Class AA in 2020. Etowah was a 4A semifinalist, its deepest run since 1999

More:Etowah assistant Kendric Cook named Fultondale football coach

“We were excited to be able to work out the game,” Etowah coach Ryan Locke said. “It’ll be a challenge for us. They are the state runner-up in Tennessee. Historically they are always really good. They’ve won a couple of state championships in the past.”

It will be a one-year deal. Etowah played only nine regular season games last season and had an opening. 

More:Setting the standard: Etowah’s seniors leave mark on football program

“We were looking at the possibility of adding a 10th game and this opportunity presented itself,” Locke said. “We are excited to be able to go and compete.”

Dilfer led the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl championship over the New York Giants in 2000. He was also a lead analyst for a variety of ESPN programs. The 14-year NFL veteran played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1994-99), Baltimore Ravens (2000), Seattle Seahawks (2001-04), Cleveland Browns (2005) and San Francisco 49ers (2006-2007). 

Etowah’s 2021 football schedule

May 14 – at Lincoln (spring game)

Aug. 20 – at Gadsden City

Aug. 27 – Open 

Sept. 3 – at Oneonta*

Sept. 10 – Fultondale*

Sept. 17 – at Ashville*

Sept. 24 – Fort Payne

Oct. 1 – Good Hope*

Oct. 8 – Hanceville* (homecoming)

Oct. 15 – at Lipscomb Academy (Nashville, Tennessee)

Oct. 22 – at Dora*

Oct. 29 – Southside (senior night)

bold denotes home game

* denotes 4A Region 6 game

Reach Gadsden Times reporter Teddy Couch at [email protected] or via Twitter, @Teddy_Couch.

traveling through the door of the future with the speed of light

Vanit JanthraGetty Images

  • China says it definitely isn’t building a time machine.
  • A leaked PowerPoint presentation suggests otherwise.
  • If the device does “prolong life,” as documents claim, that’s a very special case of time travel.

    From the annals of “nothing to see here,” China’s largest state physics lab is insisting it’s not helping a private company build a time machine. The strange happenings are straight out of the scientist version of TMZ, with a leaked PowerPoint presentation and gossip swirling.

    So: Is the Chinese government collaborating with a startup in order to travel through time?

    Join Pop Mech Pro and get exclusive answers to your weirdest science questions.

    Earlier this month, unsubstantiated documents began circulating online that seemed to suggest the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of High Energy Physics is partnering with the private Ruitai Technology Development Technology on something called the “Space-time Tunnel Generation Experimental Device.”

    time machine powerpoint

    6Park News

    time machine powerpoint

    6Park News

    China’s The Paper Journalist, which obtained a leaked PowerPoint presentation containing information about the project, has more about the device, via 6Park News:

    “The device can distort time and space, control the flow rate of time, break through the barrier of time and space, and can be widely used for time travel, interstellar voyage, life extension, etc. The project plans to select a location in China, and lease an area of ​​about 16 acres to build a scientific experiment base. It is expected that the device will be able to successfully shuttle the space-time experiment 7-12 months after the funds are in place.”

    This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

    The PowerPoint also claims, per 6Park, that the team behind the project “has reached a preliminary cooperation agreement with a research and development team composed of well-known experts and academicians of the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,” and that Nobel Laureate Gao Kun “recognized and praised” the device, in addition to other esteemed scientists.

    Not long after the PowerPoint document spread online, however, the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of High Energy Physics issued a statement vehemently denying its involvement in the project. Per 6Park:

    “It is not true that our institute and the ‘Shanxi Ruitai Technology’ mentioned in the article Development Technology Co., Ltd. and its personnel have not had any contact or cooperation, and our firm will not bear any legal responsibility for any losses caused by its false propaganda.

    Even odder: The Paper Journalist discovered that Ruitai Technology has only been a company since December 31, 2020, and Nobel Laureate Gao Kun doesn’t actually exist. Ruitai also denied its involvement, according to the Chongqing Morning News, claiming a financing information platform “mistakenly created the presentation.”

    Uh, classic misunderstanding?

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    PHILLIPSTON — At 3:48 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 18, NASA’s Perseverance Mars lander entered the Martian atmosphere at about 12,000 miles per hour. Plans called for a parachute to deploy and slow the descent of the mission’s rover to the planet’s surface.

    Among those awaiting word that Perseverance had survived what has become known as “seven minutes of terror” and successfully touched down on the red planet were John and Caroline Williams of Phillipston. Their son, Nathan, is a mission specialist working at mission headquarters at the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Pasadena, California.

    Because of the distance between the two planets, it takes about 14 minutes for radio signals to travel from Mars to Earth. So, after an agonizing wait, Nathan Williams and his parents learned that Perseverance had indeed landed successfully.

    The Williamses moved to Phillipston in 1987 and, two years later, Nathan was born.

    Caroline Williams said, “It’s not surprising that he ended up in a career heavily weighted toward science. He did, and does, have an aptitude for math and science comprehension. As far as doing this precise sort of thing, no; circumstances and his interests led him that way.”

    While “The Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon Cooper would cringe at the thought, it is Nathan’s knowledge of geology that makes him such a crucial addition to the Perseverance crew.

    Caroline said the family almost always vacationed in areas where its members could get out into a natural environment. This seemed to feed Nathan’s curiosity.

    “Growing up, we were always looking at rocks, and animals, and soil — everything,” said Caroline. “So, he grew up with that interest surrounding him.”

    Nathan attended Phillipston Memorial Elementary School and, up until completing his sophomore year, Narragansett Regional High School in Phillipston. His last two years of secondary education were spent at the Massachusetts Academy for Math and Science, which is housed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester. He graduated from the academy in 2007.

    “While he was there,” she explained, “they have an agreement with WPI, so he was actually able to take college courses along with the college students who were there while he was in high school. He did want to graduate with his Narragansett friends, but Narragansett didn’t allow that at the time, so his diploma is from the academy.”

    After high school, Nathan earned a bachelor’s degree in geological engineering at Cornell University. From there, his academic career took him to Arizona State University where he studies at the School of Earth and Space Exploration. He ultimately earned his master’s and Ph.D. in geological sciences. He secured his doctorate with a dissertation on lunar tectonic evolution and Martian crater formation.

    “In other words,” said Caroline, “he’s been studying geology on the moon and Mars for quite a few years.”

    His mother added that Nathan Williams has been involved with other NASA missions prior to Perseverance.

    “In 2016, he joined JPL and in the intervening years he has worked on (Mars rover) Opportunity, which unfortunately —

    North Ridgeville, Ohio

    School districts have had to come up with creative ways to ensure performances such as plays and musicals can go on during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently Avon High School’s Drama Club recorded its performance of “Radium Girls,” and sold tickets for the public to stream the video.

    Lake Ridge Academy logo

    “Ranked” will premiere at 7 p.m. March 5. Cast and crew will participate in a live feed Red Carpet event followed by a streaming event. Viewers can also opt for a link that will be available for 24 hours beginning at 5 p.m. March 6. To watch the “Ranked” movie trailer, go to

    The shows continue to go on as the Lake Ridge Academy Theatre Department is producing its first movie musical, “Ranked,” amidst the challenges of singing and staging a production during a pandemic. Unable to sing inside, the students found outdoor spaces on campus.

    The popular TikTok video-sharing social networking service proved to save the day as students pre-recorded their vocal tracks individually and then lip synced their parts in a group setting using TikTok.

    “I like how we are trying new things and making them theatrical,” said Ira Mehta, a freshman at Lake Ridge Academy, in a press release. “It’s rewarding when we are done recording a song.”

    Thespian president and sophomore, Cole Stellato, added that even though the process was something new and challenging, it was rewarding to create the production with his peers. Cole plays Ryan in the film, a high-ranking student who lives carefree.

    As outlined in the press release from Lake Ridge Academy, “Ranked” takes place in a dystopian high school where students’ class rankings determine everything–friendships, cafeteria seating, study groups, and the future. When the system is compromised by parents buying grades for their kids, their world is entirely shattered.

    The show will premiere at 7 p.m. March 5. Cast and crew will participate in a live feed Red Carpet event followed by the streaming event. Viewers can also opt for a link that will be available for 24 hours beginning at 5 p.m. March 6. To watch the “Ranked” movie trailer, go to


    Bakery shop coming: Kelsey (Smith) Shepard made the announcement Facebook official last week, her popular Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes shop is coming to Avon this summer (approximately July) in the former Minotti’s location on Detroit Road (near Mitchell’s Ice Cream and Third Federal Bank). It will be the shop’s flagship and largest location.

    The post notes that while the original location in Avon Lake, 720 Avon Belden Road, is only 10 minutes away, the Avon shop is nearly 4,000-sq.-ft. which will allow for ‘better consistency, quality control, more orders, more shipping boxes, and more locations.’

    Shepard, a graduate of Avon Lake High School, opened the Avon Lake shop in 2014. A second location in Rocky River followed in 2016. She also noted in her Facebook announcement that she is planning to open a location on the east side, as well as Columbus and plans for

    We travel to Naperville North as the undefeated Redwings of Benet Academy take on a Naperville North boys basketball team that is coming off of a big 57-49 win over crosstown rival Naperville Central.

    1st Quarter

    Opening up the scoring for Naperville North is Liam Kim who drives in hard for the layup. 2-0 Huskies less than a minute into the game.

    Picking the ball up at the top of the arc is Benet’s Brennan White who banks in the deep 3-pointer to give the Redwings a one point lead.

    Taking the pass from Jacob Scharm is Huskie guard Luke Williams who shoots in the 3 to put the Huskies up 5-3.

    Brennan White finds himself open near the top of the key and gets his second triple of the quarter. Naperville North leads 9-6 after the first quarter.

    2nd Quarter

    Liam Kim bounces a pass inside to Jacob Scharm who gets the bucket in the paint, fighting through contact. A very low scoring second quarter, the Huskies only put up five points while the Redwings are shut out entirely.

    3rd Quarter

    Some ball movement here from Weston Stephens as the ball finds the hands of Sam Hennessy who ends the Benet drought. Wings down 10. 19-9 early in the third.

    Great passing from North as the ball finds Zeke Williams in the paint for the lay up. North extending the lead to 14. 23-9 midway through the third.

    Huskies continue to build their lead as Kim finds Grant Johnson for the tough layup plus the foul. North starting to pull away.

    From beyond NBA range, Sam Hennessy splashes home another 3-pointer for BA. Nine in the game for the senior.

    Getting the ball in the corner from Brennan White is BA’s Luke Nolan who shoots in the 3. Redwings within single digits as the Huskies need a time out.

    Sticking with the 3-pointers we now have Liam Kim who has lots of time and space to drill this one from downtown. 28-15 North up by 13. 12 points in the game for Kim.

    Another 3 pointer here, this one from Benet’s Tyler Van Eekeren. Redwings still down ten. Only one two point basket made all afternoon for Benet.

    4th Quarter

    Starting off the 4th quarter strong as Tyler Van Eekeren gets another triple to fall and brings the Redwings within 6. 30-24, a two possession game with still over 7 minutes to play.

    Benet still trying to get back into the game, Luke Nolan corrals the tip out from Van Eekeren and the Redwings trail by just five thanks to another deep three.

    Final minute and Naperville North able to break the Redwing press, Grant Johnson finds himself wide open for the exclamation point slam. The Huskies hold on for a 43-30 victory over Benet Academy boys basketball.



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    Manchester United academy duo Amad and Shola Shoretire could make their Premier League debuts after being included in the squad to face Newcastle on Sunday.

    The pair were on the bench for the first leg of United’s Europa League last-32 tie against Real Sociedad on Thursday, with Amad coming on briefly in the second half.

    OPINION: Spurs vs Spurs: The only way to alter Mourinho method?

    They were spotted arriving with the rest of the squad to The Lowry hotel on Sunday, reports the Mirror.

    Their inclusion could be due to injuries, as Solskjaer admitted Scott McTominay, Edinson Cavani and Donny van de Beek were all facing late fitness tests on Saturday.

    Speaking prior to the trip to Turin in the week, Solskjaer said of the youngsters: “Yeah they’re in the travelling squad. Not just for experience, they’re there to make an impact if they have to.

    “The two boys have done well in training and they are talents that we want to give experience to.”

    He added: “It’s one of the things we do with our youngsters. They come in and they travel, step-by-step, layer-by-layer and suddenly they’re on the pitch.

    “That’s the thing – we do have a plan and a programme in place that we try to stick to.

    “Obviously when there are injuries or absentees or illness then maybe they’ll get the chance before we expected, but the two of them have done well.”

    United’s preparations for the match were disrupted by an outbreak of Covid-19 in camp.

    Nicky Butt and Mark Dempsey will now be joining Solskjaer in the dugout as the usual United backroom team have been forced to self-isolate.

    Canistota (18-2): Tyce Ortman scored 27 points, while adding five rebounds, four assists and four steals. Chase Merrill had 14 points and four assists. The Hawks compete in the Region 5B tournament on March 1.

    Howard (17-3): Sam Aslesen had 18 points, five rebounds and two blocks, while Tisyn Spader added 10 points and four assists. Jace Sifore had eight points and seven rebounds. The Tigers play in the Region 5B tournament on March 1.

    C 12 24 45 63

    H 11 20 36 54

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    GAYVILLE — Corsica-Stickney built a 10-point lead going into the fourth quarter and held off a late surge by Burke in the Great Plains Classic championship game Saturday.

    Corsica-Stickney (13-5): Brendan Wentland scored a game-high 29 points and grabbed nine rebounds, while Jaylen Kemp had 22 points. Taven Burke added eight rebounds and six assists. The Jaguars host Parkston Monday in Corsica.

    Burke (14-4): Ben Witt had 22 points, five rebounds and five assists, while Bryce Frank had 17 points, five rebounds, four assists and four steals. Brogan Glover chipped in 13 points and six rebounds and Nick Nelson had 11 points and eight rebounds. The Cougars host Colome Monday.

    B 15 33 47 70

    CS 13 42 57 74

    GAYVILLE — Trailing heading into the fourth quarter, Colome held Avon to two points to score a win in the Great Plains Classic Saturday.

    Colome (4-14): Joseph Laprath had 15 points, five rebounds and four steals, while Billy Looking Cloud had 12 points, seven rebounds and four assists. Rhet Bertram had 10 points and seven rebounds and Michael Supik had 10 points and five rebounds. The Cowboys travel to Bruke Monday.

    Avon (3-15): Riley Rucktaeschel had 10 points and 10 rebounds, while Eli Watchorn had 10 points. Ashton Frank pitched in eight points and nine rebounds. The Pirates travel to Burke Thursday.

    A 23 35 44 46

    C 18 30 41 55

    GAYVILLE — Freeman Academy/Marion hit seven 3-pointers to take down Tripp-Delmont/Armour in the Great Plains Classic Saturday.

    FAM (14-6): Connor Epp had 15 points and six assists, while Payton Arbach had 14 points and six rebounds. Quincy Blue had nine rebounds and six steals. The Bearcats compete in the Region 5B tournament on March 1.

    TDA (9-10): Logan VanPelt had 10 points and eight rebounds. The Nighthawks travel to Colome on Friday.

    GAYVILLE — Andes Central/Dakota Christian nearly overcame a 15-point deficit in the fourth quarter, but Gayville-Volin hung on for a win in the Great Plains Classic on Saturday.

    Gayville-Volin (8-12): Kyle Hirsch had 15 points, while Andrew Gustad had 14 points. Spencer Karstens had 13 points and five assists. The Raiders compete in the Region 5B tournament on March 1.

    ACDC (5-14): Xavier Hare had a game-high 20 points, while Cam’ron Thin Elk had 14 points. The Thunder travels to Marty on Monday.

    ACDC 14 29 37 59

    GV 14 36 52 61

    GAYVILLE — Centerville scored 22 points in the fourth quarter to edge Scotland in the Great Plains Classic

    Toth, Karen Marie

    (nee Riebold), age 66, of Ballwin, Baptized into the hope of Christ’s Resurrection, passed away on Thursday, February 18, surrounded by her family. She was born in St. Louis, a daughter of Alvin and Vera (nee Mraz) Riebold. Karen was a graduate of Cor Jesu Academy, and earned her Bachelor’s degree and MBA from Maryville University. She was a Medical Technologist beginning her career at St. Luke’s Hospital, then working for Quest Diagnostics, and of late as a Laboratory Director at CareSTL Health.

    Karen was an avid cook, who enjoyed preparing gatherings with family and friends. She loved to travel especially to the warmth of the Florida surf and sunshine. She also shared a passion for attending trivia nights with friends. A lifelong Cardinal and Blues fan, Karen enjoyed passing the time watching her favorite teams.

    Karen is the beloved wife of Richard Toth; dear mother of Maria Toth and Peter Toth; loving daughter of Vera Riebold; a dear sister of Donna Jean (Michael) Gleason; beloved sister-in-law, aunt, niece, and cousin; and constant companion to her dear cats Gypsy and Binx. She was preceded in death by her father Alvin Riebold.

    Services: Funeral from the SCHRADER Funeral Home and Crematory, 14960 Manchester Road at Holloway, Ballwin, Wednesday, February 24, 9:45 a.m. to St. Joseph Catholic Church, Manchester for 10:00 a.m. Mass. Interment St. John’s Parish Cemetery, High Ridge. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to American Cancer Society. Visitation Tuesday, February 23, 4-8 p.m. Friends may sign the family’s on-line guestbook at

    Published by St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Feb. 21, 2021.…

    CANTON  Britnee Allen’s rental house and new job at the Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority are glowing examples of an agency success story — or the fruits of favoritism from the top.

    On one hand: Using her government-funded Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8), the unemployed single mom moved her family from Orrville into the Plain Local School District and a house on 41st Street NW the Housing Authority had recently purchased.

    Then in short order, Allen landed a newly-added Housing Authority position that pays almost $40,000 a year — which enabled her to abandon her housing subsidy and pay $800 monthly rent herself.

    “She’s self-sufficient now; that’s part of our mission,” said Herman Hill, Housing Authority executive director.

    “A hand-up, not handout,” Allen echoed.

    That’s all feel-good stuff.

    But on the other hand: Hill knew Allen personally. Their now seventh-grade sons, both currently living in the Plain school system, played together on an Ohio Phenom Academy travel basketball team in 2017, and have played against each other since. And that house Allen leases on 41st Street was the only one purchased last year by the Housing Authority.

    Some former and current Housing Authority employees said they believe Hill used his position to give Allen special treatment.

    Last month, an anonymous letter was sent to at least some of the Housing Authority’s five appointed board members — advising them to dig deeper into circumstances surrounding that house, among other matters.

    Board members did not respond to messages and requests seeking comment for this story.

    Hill, who’s headed the agency since 2013, said his assistance to Allen did not violate any rule or policy. He added he’d do the same for a stranger, and pointed out other public housing or Section 8 voucher residents do or have worked at the Housing Authority.

    “I didn’t do anything wrong,” he said.

    Herman Hill

    Right house, right time?

    The Repository has reviewed agency documents related to the purchase of the house last summer and Allen’s hiring last fall.  — including internal office emails — which all are public records. In addition, interviews were conducted with Hill, Allen and many others with knowledge of the situation.

    Veda Davis, who’d worked at the Housing Authority for more than 30 years, said Hill was abnormally hands-on in leasing the house to Allen and in getting her a job.

    Davis, most recently director of asset management, said it was clear to her and others the house was purchased specifically for Allen, so she could lease it from the Housing Authority.

    An agency manager told Davis of an odd conversation she had with Allen when Allen moved into the house in September.

    “The resident told the manager that she had already been in the unit …. because she had picked it,” Davis said.

    Davis was fired this month for an unrelated matter. 

    Hill and Allen both deny Allen selected the house. They said it was simply a matter of a house becoming available in the right neighborhood at the right time. They do,