Estimez le prix de votre bien immobilier 

Estimer son appartement est souvent la première étape du processus de vente. C’est une étape très importante car le prix a une grande influence sur la durée de la vente.

Il est possible d’estimer son appartement avec des estimateurs en ligne, mais rien ne remplace l’expertise d’un professionnel local de l’immobilier. 

Comment estimer son appartement ?

Afin d’évaluer le juste prix, l’agent immobilier prendra en compte plusieurs paramètres : 

– des critères factuels tels que les caractéristiques de la propriété, 

– des critères environnementaux tels que l’adresse ou l’emplacement

– d’autres éléments plus subjectifs tels que l’état et la qualité de la propriété 

– il existe des critères plus variables tels que la pression concurrentielle de produits similaires, dans leur région et au moment de la vente.

  • Les caractéristiques de la propriété : 

La surface habitable, la surface au sol, le nombre de pièces sont les premiers éléments qui permettent d’estimer son appartement. La surface habitable doit être prise en compte et non la surface totale car c’est celle-ci qui sera divisée par le prix pour comparer les biens entre eux. 

Le nombre de pièces, la superficie du salon, la présence d’un balcon ou d’un jardin sont également des éléments qui peuvent faire varier le prix lors de l’estimation de son appartement

La présence d’un garage ou d’une place de parking,

  • L’environnement :

La gestion est un critère qui compte dans l’estimation du prix de son appartement. En fait, il est directement corrélé au prix du marché de votre ville, de votre quartier ou même de votre rue. Dans une même ville, les prix selon les quartiers peuvent varier du simple au double. 

La tranquillité, l’urbanisme avec les espaces verts et la vue sont des éléments favorables.

La proximité des écoles, des marchés, des magasins et du centre ville est un plus si elle ne constitue pas une nuisance. 

En milieu urbain, l’accès au réseau de bus est aussi apprécié que l’accès facile au bus scolaire dans les zones plus rurales. 

  • L’état et la qualité du bien 

Cette notion est moins valorisée dans les estimateurs en ligne car elle est assez subjective et seul l’œil humain peut évaluer la réalité de l’état d’une maison. Souvent, le vendeur a du mal à voir les défauts de votre maison (ou pourrait s’habituer à certaines choses avec le temps). Toutefois, ce paramètre est une variable de comparaison importante pour comparer les marchandises les unes aux autres. …

Borneo: Ten Must-Know Facts

Here are ten facts you should know about this enchanting island which is home to mysterious ancient tribes and sprawling wild forests.

1. A Group of Countries

Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia are the three countries that make up Borneo. The states of Sabah to the east and Sarawak to the west make up the Malaysian portion of the island. Between Sarawak, which is on the coast, and Sabah is the Brunei part. Lastly, the section that is covered by Indonesia is referred to as Kalimantan.

2. The World’s 3rd Largest Island

In terms of size, the United Kingdom is only one third the size of Borneo. However, it is smaller than New Guinea and Greenland.

3. The Oldest Rainforest in the World is in Borneo

In comparison to South America’s Amazon rainforest, Borneo’s rainforest is twice as old; with its age estimated to be 130 million years.

4. Orang-utans Can Only Be Seen in the Wild in Borneo and Indonesia

In Borneo and Indonesia’s Sumatra, orang-utans are prevalent. They can only be seen in their natural habitat in these two places.

5. Borneo is Home to More Than 100 Unique Animal Species

It is astonishing to note that there are more than 100 animal species that can only be found in Borneo. Bornean rhinos, clouded leopards and Proboscis monkeys are some of the notable examples here. It is a great time to check out the island’s wildlife since more species are being discovered with each passing day as research by biologists continues in this part of the world. Click here for wildlife holiday ideas in Borneo.

6. Some of the Biggest Caves in the World are Located in Borneo

With enough space to accommodate up to forty Boeing 757 planes within it, Gunung Mulu National Park’s Sarawak Chamber is the largest cave chamber in the world. The largest cave passage in the world is the Deer Cave with its characteristic Abraham Lincoln profile. The colossal nature of caves such as Gomantong can also not be ignored.

7. Southeast Asia’s Highest Mountain Peak is in Borneo

Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain is Mount Kinabalu, which stands at 4,096 m (13,438 ft) above sea level.

8. Borneo’s Ethnic Languages are Estimated to Number 170

Each with its own unique traditions and cultures, Borneo has hundreds of ethnic groups. The hill and river based communities of the Dayak tribe inhabit most parts of the island. To experience their way of life first-hand, you can live in a traditional longhouse with them.

9. Some of the Most Easy to Access Remote Adventures in the World are in Borneo

With direct routes to Penang, Singapore, Kualar Lumpur, Hong Kong and Bali, Sabah (Kota Kinabalu) and Sarawak (Kuching) are gateway cities. In no time, you can find yourself in mangroves and under canopies from cities and metropolis. Not only that, but you can also explore the Kinabatangan River.

10. The Biggest Flower in the World is From Borneo

A parasitic plant with a flower …

Tips on Finding the Best Treks in Himalaya

What makes an extraordinary trek in the Himalayas? Great climate, great perspectives on snow-topped pinnacles, great individuals around you, great nourishment and sanctuary when you need it, and so on. Furthermore, things like the reasonable blend of experience and security on your trek. What’s more, obviously, the expense of the trek. Every one of these things needs to address your issues. The uplifting news is, with the correct information, you can set up your trek in the Himalayas to hit the imprint and live up to your desires as close as could be expected under the circumstances. A touch of arrangement goes far! You can visit bhutan tour operators website for more information about the best Bhutan tour operator.

General Advice

It would be best if you were in a suitable spot at the perfect time. You certainly would prefer not to be in an unlucky place. As a speedy introduction on trekking in the Himalayas, I will prescribe novices to remain beneath 4000 meters in winter, go in the trans-Himalayan locale in summer (to maintain a strategic distance from the rainstorm) and in any case make the most of your trekking in the spring and fall, which are usually seen as high-season.

Prepare Everything

You would prefer not to be under-prepared, and you would prefer not to be over-prepared either. Keep in mind, and you need to convey all your stuff yourself or pay somebody to do it. In the event that it won’t downpour, maybe you needn’t bother with a poncho! Then again, if it will be a day off, I should bring a comfortable coat and additionally a camping bed. Pressing the perfect stuff accompanies understanding. So set out to find out about rigging proposals online before you go.

Picking A Destination

The Himalayan Mountain Range traverses six nations. From west to east: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet (China), and Bhutan. You can likely rapidly preclude numbers 1 and 2 on this rundown because of security issues, war, and psychological warfare. Maybe it will change later on; however, for the present (2009), there are better choices.

Trekking in India

Trekking in India is a much-improved alternative. It’s anything but difficult to get a visa, flights, lodgings, transport, and so on. The Indian Himalayas have numerous towns and towns that are street associated and can be utilized as trail-sets out toward beginning a trek. Treks should be possible as autonomous outdoors treks or organized with aides and security guards.

Trekking in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan is another excellent choice. As opposed to India, Bhutan regularly has trekking lodges along the path, making it pointless for you to convey any outdoor apparatus and contract security guards. This makes it easy to trek in Bhutan. The little drawback is that since it is so mainstream, the trekking trails can now and then get somewhat swarmed. It’s in no way like Grand Central Station obviously; however, you could get that sentiment of being separated from everyone else in the wild.

Trekking …

5 Simple Ways to Stick on a Budget When Traveling

Are you planning to take a trip for your upcoming vacation? Taking a trip is helpful for the soul, mind, and body. It helps people to relax, cool off their minds, and get new ideas of making businesses even better. However, at times sticking to a budget seems like the main problem that affects many travelers. Opting to sleep in an odd dingy hotel room is challenging. This is why travelers ought to consider travel tips that will ensure they are savvy when it comes to their expenditure. 

1. Use the Best Budget App to Track Expenses

When you make up your mind to deal with a tight budget, a perfect way to stay focused, it is to record every coin you spend through the best budget app. For example, XpenseTracker could be helpful to ensure you track your transport and accommodation costs. If you are traveling to Norway and you need an accommodation, you may consider NorskeAnmeldelser to read reviews about online hotel supplier like to make a reservation at a reasonable cost. 

2. Prepare Your Dinner or Meals

Giving a try to national food can be an integral part of having a great time on your trip. If you do not have enough money in your bank account, you may opt to prepare your own food. You may visit nearby local markets or groceries and buy fresh vegetables and other items. Some hotel rooms have kitchens. These kitchens have forks, pans, and other cooking utensils you can use. This is convenient and cheaper than buying food in restaurants or hotels. 

3. Make Your Sprees Count

Having a financial plan does not solely mean that you may not carry on with the things you adore the most. Of course, doing some of these things will cost you money. But you can keep them on a low profile. This means, if you’re into scuba diving, you can do the activity for three days instead of one week. 

4. Stay Away from Expensive Trips

Organized trips may seem like a straightforward and effortless option, but it would be much cheaper if you handle everything on your own. With proper planning and some research, you will undoubtedly have a great time and spend less in the long run. Many have done it before, and you can do it too. 

5. Opt for a Public Transport

Most travelers fear to use public transports because of insecurities and other sorts of reasons. But those are mere propaganda. There is nothing unsafe about this. In fact, using a local train or bus can be cheaper and give you a great experience when compared to tourist buses or taxis. In addition, sharing a seat on a van gives you the opportunity of interacting with the locals and know what their culture is.


Traveling in summer might be fun and exciting, especially when your family is involved. It might not be easy to stick to a tight budget, but if you choose to use …

Maison d’oiseau – Une maison sûre pour vos beaux oiseaux

L’idée principale d’une maison d’oiseau est de fournir un habitat pour l’oiseau. Avant, les structures de celui-ci sont faites à proximité de l’habitat d’origine de l’oiseau, la forêt. Il est essentiellement fait de bois percé d’un trou d’ouverture à l’avant. Mais maintenant, les structures sont devenues luxueuses et très élégantes. La plupart des maisons d’oiseaux sont maintenant décorées de arbre de java et sculptées en différents chefs-d’œuvre.

Conception de cage à oiseaux

Les formes, les tailles et les couleurs avaient étonné la conception structurelle des oiseaux. Il était déjà devenu une pâte à modeler pour l’esprit capricieux humain. Un plus grand espace est prévu pour les maisons pouvant accueillir de 3 à 8 oiseaux pour éviter la suffocation. Les couleurs ajoutent de la vivacité et de l’embellissement à la maison construite. En plus de cela, certaines couleurs attirent les oiseaux comme par exemple un colibri; le colibri est attiré par le rouge, donc une maison rouge d’oiseau est considérée comme attrayante pour ses yeux. Des formes comme ovales, triangulaires et en forme de nid sont actuellement utilisées. Il y en a aussi d’autres qui sont sculptés de manière inspirée comme des maisons humaines.

Les conceptions comme les manoirs, les manoirs, les maisons victoriennes sont très populaires, surtout lorsque l’objectif principal est de capturer un autre œil humain. Les amateurs de jardinage et d’arrière-cour sont les grands partisans de ces conceptions car cela donne à leur arrière-cour un sentiment d’élégance. Des maisons d’inspiration animale, comme celles avec des conceptions de poulet, de canard et d’ours, sont également disponibles. Celles-ci sont très importantes chez les enfants éleveurs d’oiseaux.


La fonctionnalité est également améliorée de nos jours. Il y a des maisons qui utilisent du cuivre, du fer ou des toitures métalliques. La toiture métallique protège ainsi de l’exposition soudaine à la pluie et au soleil, prévenant ainsi les maladies des oiseaux. Il augmente également la durabilité de la maison. Certains sont également incorporés avec plus de trous pour faciliter les voies respiratoires et pour accompagner plus d’oiseaux qu’auparavant. Les mangeoires sont parfois incluses dans toute la structure de la maison. Il s’agit d’obtenir des aliments et des abreuvoir oiseaux facilement disponibles pour les oiseaux. Il réduit également la concurrence possible pour la nourriture contrairement aux mangeoires à oiseaux à table ouverte.

Les nichoirs peuvent être installés avec des gadgets de haute technologie comme des caméras et des enregistreurs vidéo pour capturer de grands moments comme l’accouplement et l’éclosion des œufs. Il peut également être installé avec un générateur de sons. Les fabricants de sons sont des gadgets ressemblant à des haut-parleurs qui transmettent des sons comme des grenouilles cassantes, de l’air qui coule, des abeilles qui bourdonnent et des grillons qui grincent. Prenez simplement note de l’effet des sons sur les oiseaux; d’autres oiseaux préfèrent le silence dans leur habitat. Des accessoires tels que la base ornée, le poteau de maison et le piédestal peuvent également être ajoutés selon la préférence du propriétaire. La base ornée et le poteau de maison …

Cara Melakukan Pemeriksaan Kendaraan Bekas Terbaik

Dengan semua semangat yang Anda miliki ketika akan membeli mobil bekas, ada satu elemen yang sering diabaikan, dan mengabaikan detail penting ini dapat berakhir dengan biaya besar: inspeksi kendaraan. Anda telah memutuskan jenis mobil atau truk apa yang tepat untuk Anda. Anda telah mengujinya dan menemukan bahwa itu memenuhi harapan Anda. Anda telah mengunjungi dealer atau penjual pribadi dan telah menyetujui harga. Jadi, yang tersisa hanyalah menandatangani surat-surat, membeli mobil dan pergi dengan bahagia, kan? Tidak!

Pemeriksaan Secara Menyeluruh

Sangat penting untuk memastikan bahwa pembelian mobil tergantung pada kendaraan yang melewati inspeksi oleh mekanik yang memenuhi syarat. Inspeksi ini akan menelan biaya tambahan, tetapi pasti menghabiskan uang dengan baik. Inspeksi kendaraan lebih dari sekedar tes keselamatan atau emisi – ini adalah inspeksi penuh atas kerja bagian dalam sistem mekanik dan listrik kendaraan untuk memastikan bahwa itu tidak hanya cocok untuk jalan, tetapi itu bukan karena untuk perbaikan besar dalam waktu dekat – perbaikan yang Anda mungkin akan bertanggung jawab jika Anda mengabaikan inspeksi.

Ketika Anda melihat sebuah kendaraan yang diiklankan di iklan baris mobil bekas, Anda jarang akan melihat deskripsi yang mengatakan sesuatu seperti, “transmisi akan gagal setelah Anda memiliki mobil selama sebulan” . 

Periksa Detail Surat-Surat Kelengkapan Kendaraan

Sayangnya, banyak orang akan menyembunyikan detail ini untuk menjual kendaraan mereka. Ingat, kecuali itu adalah Kendaraan Bersertifikat yang dijual dari dealer waralaba resmi, kemungkinan besar tidak akan ada cakupan garansi yang tersisa di mobil atau truk, yang berarti Anda akan siap untuk perbaikan. Inilah mengapa inspeksi sangat penting – hal ini dapat membantu Anda menentukan apakah kendaraan tersebut terlihat seperti buah persik atau lemon! Jika Anda tertarik dengan merk mobil Honda, lihatlah list mobil Honda bekas untuk informasi yang lebih lengkap tentang harga mobil Honda bekas.

Perawatan Kendaraan

Tentu saja, perawatan mobil yang tepat adalah cara terbaik untuk memperpanjang umur mobil Anda sebanyak mungkin, jadi pastikan untuk meminta penjual untuk catatan servis dan pemeliharaan. Dengan cara ini, Anda dapat mengetahui apakah penjual menjaga mobil, atau apakah itu diabaikan. Klik link untuk informasi yang lebih lengkap tentang mobil bekas.

Tanyakan kepada penjual apakah mereka dapat menghasilkan tanda terima untuk hal-hal seperti penggantian oli dan rotasi ban. Jika informasi ini tidak tersedia dengan penjualan, berhati-hatilah. Tanyakan penjual apakah kendaraan itu diuji emisi dan apakah catatan-catatan itu tersedia. Setiap kali kendaraan berpindah tangan, ia harus melewati inspeksi keselamatan. 

Tanyakan penjual apakah catatan keamanan tersedia. Ingatlah bahwa beberapa perawatan biasa terjadi keausan, seperti bantalan rem dan rotor. Jadi, jika penjual dapat membuat catatan dan Anda melihat hal-hal seperti ini, jangan khawatir – itu biasa.

Jika penjual – dealer atau swasta – menolak untuk mengizinkan mobil diperiksa sebelum membeli, jangan melanjutkan penjualan. Berjalan pergi – atau lebih baik lagi, mengemudi. Either way, jangan pernah lupa untuk memiliki kendaraan diperiksa sepenuhnya sebelum Anda mempertimbangkan untuk membelinya.…

How to Get an ETA to Travel to Canada?

Anyone wishing to travel to Canada should familiarize themselves quickly with the terms and conditions of the Canadian visa and the ETA application process. Since March 2016, the Electronic Travel Authorization has been required to all travelers. You will find more about this important document hereunder.

Canada ETA Application

The ETA application must be submitted online before your trip to Canada. This is possible through official websites, but also through unofficial websites that offer ETA mediation. In the case of a physical or mental handicap, permission to enter the Canadian soil can also be obtained from another representative. It is crucial to know that the permit issued is not a pass so, some travelers may be denied the right to enter Canada. The final decision is always taken by Canadian immigration officials at the airport. Find more about it on

Requirements for Canada ETA Application

Canada has tightened its entry rules because of the increased risk of terrorist attacks around the world. Nationals of the eligible countries do not need a visa. Only a passport or even a temporary passport is required, as well as a Canada ETA. The identity card is not recognized. Children and babies also need their own passport and ETA. All travel documents must obviously be valid for the duration of the stay which must not exceed 6 months.

This electronic travel authorization is required for entry by air. The ETA regulation applies without exception to travelers from almost all European countries. However, it is not required for entry by sea or by land. Travelers who already have a valid visa do not need an ETA. Flight attendants who are in Canada for up to 24 hours due to transit business trips also do not require an authorization.

Canada ETA Validity Period and Fees

The Canada ETA request is subject to a fee of approximately EUR 5. And the travel document is granted for a period of two years. ETA is linked to the applicant’s travel documents. If a new passport is to be issued within the two-year validity period, the ETA also expires and must be renewed.

Upon entering the Canadian territory by air, travelers must be able to demonstrate that they do not intend to work, that they have sufficient financial means for the duration of the trip and will leave Canada in safe at the end of the trip. Therefore, you should be able to show your credit card, travel documents, the address of the hotels you have booked and your return ticket.…

Cruise Down The Nile From Aswan and Enjoy an Authentic Egyptian Experience

If you are looking to enjoy the sites of Ancient Egypt in a romantic and relaxing way, the only way to get a memorable experience is to take a luxury Nile cruise. The Ancient Egyptians used to reside along this river and this is the reason why Pharaohs built most of their tombs and temples near or on the banks of the River Nile. If you want to view these tourist attractions well, it is best to do it while cruising down the river.

If you are thinking of cruising the Nile, we have selected the most beautiful attractions that you should consider seeing. You can either choose to start your cruise from Cairo or from the southern cities of Luxor and Aswan. This post will discuss the attractions that you will view if you start your cruise from the beautiful and magnificent city of Aswan which is located in what was the southernmost tip of Ancient Egypt. We will then follow up with the delights that you can expect if you start your cruise from Luxor. Lastly, we will provide a post on the epic landmarks you should see while in Cairo.

Aswan – The True Jewel of the Nile

Aswan which was originally known by the name Swenet or Swen is nestled on the most beautiful points of River Nile and it cuts across emerald islands and golden deserts. In Ancient Egypt, it was an important trade town and was the gateway to the rest of Africa. In this city, ancient Egyptians mined granite which was used to construct temples and monuments. Aswan is a great tourist attraction and has a relaxed Nubian culture and way of life that is unlike the frenetic activity you are likely to see in Luxor and the bustle of Cairo. If you are starting your cruise in Luxor, there are some attractions that you should not miss out on like Abu Simbel, the Temple of Isis, Kom Ombo and the Temple of Horus.

Abu Simbel

This is an ancient temple complex that you cannot easily get into. However, should you gain entrance, it will definitely be worth the hassle. It was created during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II. The temple has two chambers that are guarded by four huge statues of Ramesses. This awe-inspiring temple was originally hewed out of rock and was built over a period of 20 years. In the 1960s this temple was relocated so that it could be protected from erosion as the Aswan High Dam was being constructed.

Temple of Isis Located at Philae

This temple is considered to be the last construction that was done in classic ancient Egyptian style. It was also relocated by UNESCO as the Aswan High Dam was being built. Visitors to this place can marvel at the soaring temple columns at night and hieroglyphics in the structure. The view can also be enjoyed with the accompanying light and sound show.

Kom Ombo

This is a unique double temple that …

Hospital Marketing Agencies: Why Marketing Specialization Matters

Consistently, several restorative focuses across the nation set out on crusades to help improve open mindfulness. They may try to enhance public information on a specific methodology or forte that they offer. It might mainly be a battle to attract more individuals to need to that office. Whatever the reason behind the crusade, each office must pick an organization to help develop the showcasing methodology and guide them through it. Shockingly not many organizations know that there are specific medical clinics promoting offices that can help with this undertaking. Numerous pick the leading organization they can discover and are here and there disillusioned. Look at registration Kiosk  website for more information about Hospital system solution that Efficiently handle large volumes of reception procedures.


Points of interest Of Hospital Marketing Agencies

Promoting a therapeutic office is an amazingly remarkable test. Most organizations are OK with through and through advancement. They see how to exhibit an item in a positive light and attract individuals to buy. Medical clinic advertising organizations must utilize an alternate procedure since they can’t unmistakably state what they are selling, and they can’t generally speak to somebody straightforwardly needing making a buy. Offices advantage most from these sorts of organizations before a patient should be conceded, not afterward. This is something that particular organizations see, yet others battle to get a handle on. Look at kiosk malaysia website for more information about ASTA kiosk solutions.

Particular Companies Need Not Be Local Companies

Probably the most concerning issue with picking specific medical clinic advertising organizations is that there are far fewer of them than non-particular gatherings. In light of this deficiency, many have gone to the web to arrive at offices that need their assistance. Your office ought not to stop for a second to connect through the internet, mainly if there are a whole lot of nothing nearby choices. Probably the most popular foundations on the planet have picked web-based specialized help, and have had extraordinary outcomes. The key is to discover one that has a reputation for progress and introduces itself well on the web. When you’ve found that ideal opportunity to connect and begin discussing what sort of results you need to see. Look at hotel self check in kiosk website for more information about ASTA hotel check in system.

Great Agencies Can Become Informed About Your Region Quickly

Numerous offices stress that picking an away advancement office will hurt their battle due to an absence of neighborhood understanding. While it is significant that your chosen organization comprehend your neighborhood, comprehension can be increased through research and measurable investigation. Thus, numerous online organizations can make fruitful battles for offices across the nation. Try not to stop for a second to pick an online organization if they have a solid reputation and have delivered exceptional work previously.

Making The Right Call For Your Facility

Which choice would it be advisable for you to make? A master organization is probably going to give better results, yet may not …

3 Essential Tips for Getting Your Car Road Trip Ready

While it goes without saying that there’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned road trip when it comes to seeing the country, your overall experience is really only going to be as good as the condition of your car. Make sure your ride is up to the challenge by keeping the following tips in mind.

1. Check Your Fluids

One of the first essentials you’ll want to take care of if you’re preparing for a long road trip is a basic check of your car’s six essential fluids, so make sure all of them have been serviced recently. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re a long way from home is an overheated engine due to insufficient radiator fluid or to wind up stuck driving with a filthy windshield for miles because you forgot to fill your windshield fluid reservoir. 

2. Have Your Car Serviced

If your car needs bodywork done for any reason, it’s a good idea to get it taken care of in plenty of time for your trip. A good collision mechanic or hail damage repair Lakewood CO guy will not only get your ride looking good as new again, but can make sure any damage sustained is only surface deep. A professional tune-up and maintenance check is an absolute must as well. Be sure to have your brakes checked, air filters changed, tired changed or rotated (if necessary), and so forth.

3. Stock Your Trunk

Last but definitely not least, you’ll want to make sure all of your basic car survival items are present and accounted for. These may include (but should not be limited to) tools, a flashlight, Citroen Business Lease a spare tire, a fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit. Avoiding any possible emergencies to Used Peugeot 2008 the greatest extent possible is always the goal, but it’s important to be prepared for any that happen regardless as well.

At the end of the day, the difference between a terrific road trip and a complete nightmare is a car that’s as road-ready as possible. Is your ride up to the challenge?