Best Places to Own Property in British Columbia

If you’re looking either to live or invest in real estate in Canada, you’re going to want to hit British Columbia. This province is pretty hot right now for buying up real estate, with plenty of new building projects going on all the time and the economy ready to welcome in eventual buyers and renters.

British Columbia is also a gorgeous province with plenty of natural landscapes located just alongside big, prosperous cities such as Vancouver.

So, if you’ve been looking for places to buy property in British Columbia and ultimately see money back from your investment, we’ve prepared this short guide to the best places to own property in the province. Check out our picks, and let us know what you think!


Whistler is a remote resort town located essentially in the wilderness of British Columbia, about an hour and a half north of Vancouver.

It’s an exclusive town, with housing prices gating off the community to all but the most affluent of Canadians. There are plenty of renting opportunities, and real estate owners should take note. The market here is pretty tight due to the beauty of the location, so you stand to make a good bit from rental income if you manage to scoop up some real estate for sale in Whistler.

Or, if you’re a builder looking to construct and sell new homes, know that the housing market for sale is once again tight, which could end up good for you.


Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia, filled with people who love living there and who will go to great lengths to keep calling this city their home.

It’s for good reason. The city is one of the most environmentally conscious in the world, the job market is strong, and diversity abounds.

With the existing residents of Vancouver so happy living here, it makes complete sense that you’d want to check out some investment property here to allow even more people to settle.

You’ll have to look at which neighborhoods of this sprawling city are best for investing, but once you check out the market for yourself and are more or less sure you can turn around your investment, you’ll want to make a move. Vancouver is a strong market for housing, so make your decision soon.


We finish our real estate investment journey in Chilliwack, another of the largest cities in British Columbia. This is an interesting city because, given its size and decent population of around 84,000 people, it’s still a city dwarfed by the wilderness that surrounds it, such as the north Cascades mountains.

But it’s exactly its proximity to fun outdoor adventures that makes Chilliwack so popular for Canadians. People love finding houses here so they can participate in everything from farming to fishing to camping and biking. It’s an absolutely picturesque town where you’ll definitely want to focus some of your real estate efforts. Read the markets of these places, and then invest accordingly.