People who want to collect unemployment benefits in Arizona will once again need to actively search for work to get them following an executive order Gov. Doug Ducey issued Monday.

In March 2020, Ducey waived the so-called “work search” requirement because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it hard or impossible for people to find work as businesses largely shut down.

But with employers having trouble filling some jobs and the relative ease of obtaining a COVID-19 vaccination today, people will again need to be in the job market to collect public benefits in Arizona.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security will enforce the reinstated requirement the week of Sunday, May 23, according to the Governor’s Office.

“A year out from the start of the pandemic, jobs and vaccines are readily available,” Ducey said Monday in a statement rescinding his previous order to waive the requirement. “Arizonans are ready to get back to work. Our economy is booming, jobs need filling, more than 2 million Arizonans are fully vaccinated, and vaccination appointments are available to anyone who wants one.”