Accommodation baile felix

In the northwestern part of Romania, we enter the Crișana region bordering Banat, Maramureș and Transylvania. Three component counties Arad, Sălaj, and Bihor. The region is crossed by rivers, Crișul Alb, Crișul Repede and Crișul Negru, but also by Mureș, Barcău and Tisa in Hungary. There are several lakes in the area, the relief is varied. From a tourist point of view, as a climatic spa resort, Băile Felix Resort, located near the Municipality of Oradea, is at the top of the list. Tens of thousands of tourists come every year to see water lilies and the lotus several acclimatized species, due to the fact that they were brought from Africa, Pakistan, Asia and Africa. In these artificial lakes, there are several species of fish that have special colors. There are many places of worship in the area, including the Orthodox Church in Rontău, the Orthodox Church and the United Church in Haieu, the Roman Catholic Church in Baile 1 Mai, the Greek Catholic Church in Băile Felix and the Wooden Church in Brusturi. Even in winter you can enjoy the benefits of thermal water at a temperature of 35 degrees, the largest resort with a permanent regime in our country. Baile Felix resort has a lot of accommodation, hotels and pensions almost new , well equipped and is ready to receive a lot of tourists.If you want to search for accommodation in this resort, simply go to google and search – accommodation baile felix (cazare baile felix)- or – – pensions baile felix ( pensiuni baile felix )- or – hotels baile felix – and then choose what you like and at what price you want. As a number of tourists the resort can receive around 7000 people / stay being on the spot.