Academy of Art University On-Campus Housing Offers a Wealth of Benefits

Academy of Art University On-Campus Housing Offers a Wealth of Benefits
(Photo : Academy of Art University On-Campus Housing Offers a Wealth of Benefits)

Enrolled Academy of Art University students at every stage of their education can benefit from in-person learning and on-campus living. As the Academy is getting ready to go back to in-person classes for select classes this Fall semester, incoming students are encouraged to consider signing up for on-campus housing for the 2021-2022 school year.

Learn how on-campus housing can improve your college experience and find out how to see the campus virtually at an upcoming webinar.

Education is about so much more than just learning and coursework. An on-campus education at Academy of Art University offers numerous benefits that remote learning can’t quite match.

One of the biggest benefits to living on campus at Academy of Art University is the access you gain to the impressive facilities – without having to pay market rent in the city.

Whether you’ve lived on campus before or this will be your first time, you’ll excel in your studies, thanks to the purpose-built facilities with everything you’ll need for practice-based learning in your discipline. No matter how well equipped your home studio, it’s unlikely to compare to the resources you’ll find on campus at Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art University provides access to state-of-the-art facilities like digital workstations, a full green screen studio, as well as editing rooms for animation, film and music production students. There’s also a full digital art lab for photography including an equipment lab, and a dark room.

The Academy also offers the School of Industrial Design’s 3D Printing Lab. In fact, Academy of Art University was able to utilize the 3D printing facilities to create face shields for frontline workers at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the Academy’s acting students, there are fully equipped performance spaces complete with cameras, monitors and full lighting rigs. The school also provides a full sound stage, as well as voiceover rooms. Fashion students can enjoy access to a full 3D pattern making lab which includes the Gerber Infinity Plotter and Digitizer program for bringing patterns to life.

Academy of Art University is well known for their award-winning game development programs as well. There are a wealth of facilities available to students to hone their skills, and prepare them for a career in game development. This includes access to top of the line PCs and monitors, as well as game consoles, and VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, and HTC VIVE.

Along the same lines, online classes can certainly be effective and rewarding in delivering world-class art education. But nothing beats the value of in-person classes, especially in artistic disciplines that involve physical techniques and media.

The in-person advantage doesn’t stop with classroom instruction, either. Being present on campus for your studies opens the door to a wide range of in-person networking opportunities. The connections you make while enrolled at Academy of Art University could well propel you into your future career. And these connections often become deeper and longer-lasting when forged in person.

San Francisco is a dynamic city full of arts and culture, with multitudes of rich cultures to explore within a small radius. Within this unique city, you’ll find a thriving arts scene, with art and film festivals throughout the year, not to mention an array of theatres staging productions ranging from traditional to cutting edge, commercial to independent.

By choosing to study on campus, you get a front-row seat to the diversity that is San Francisco. You can see these thriving and diverse cultures firsthand, learning from your experiences inside and outside the classroom.

San Francisco is home to stunning natural beauty, world-famous architectures, manicured parks, museums, and more. There’s also a thriving culinary scene and plenty of shopping and entertainment. Just a quick trip across the bridge and you’ll be in Napa Valley, while a short trip south takes you to the world headquarters of companies including Apple and Google.

In short, the city has a lot to offer new students. And as an on-campus student at the Academy, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the city and all its legendary destinations.

Academy of Art University is designed to be a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment committed to the flourishing of all students. This extends to residence halls, which are now accepting new student residents the 2021-2022 academic year.

Academy of Art University offers a range of housing experiences, from hotel- or dorm-style lodging to apartment-style living. The stylish and modern Half Moon Lofts offer a unique approach as well. Various residential buildings are located downtown, from SoMa to Union Square to Sutter Street.

Each building is committed to safety and security, and is staffed with a mix of resident directors, resident assistants, hosts, and campus security.

Most importantly, all housing facilities are clean, and the staff are committed to following the latest health guidelines, both related to COVID-19 and to general well-being in a shared living space.

With a dining plan, you can enjoy on-campus dining in any of the six campus dining locations located throughout our campus area. Choose from a variety of dining plans designed to fit your needs.

After a year limited to remote learning, the faculty and staff at Academy of Art University are excited for students to return on campus for the 2021-2022 school year. Living on campus provides the fullest and most rewarding college experience possible.

That said, it’s understandable that some students may have questions about what the return to on-campus living and learning will look like. That’s why the Academy is hosting a webinar to discuss questions like these and more.

If you’re curious about on-campus housing but aren’t quite sure whether it’s right for you, the upcoming webinar should be able to address your concerns. Or maybe you’re looking forward to moving into on-campus housing, but have questions about the process or which building is best for your needs.

This virtual event will showcase the campus housing experience at Academy of Art University. You can see firsthand what living on campus is like and get answers to any questions you may have.

Victor Postemski, Director of Housing at Academy of Art University, explains, “We boast a thriving continuing student population of students who prefer to be close to their academic buildings, as well as benefit from our on-campus facilities and events (both social and educational), tailored to their interests.”

With a campus that spreads through downtown San Francisco, the Academy offers campus shuttles from various housing locations to the school’s academic buildings. Students can also access common facilities including six dining halls, several gyms, onsite laundry and more. Several residence halls feature game rooms with pool and ping pong.

For the sake of the health of the campus community, Academy of Art University remains committed to its COVID-19 Response, which closely aligns with the guidance from the CDC and San Francisco Department of Public Health.

At this time, face masks continue to be mandatory in shared and public residence hall spaces. Social distancing guidelines remain in place, and there are limits to guest access. The Academy has also made improvements to physical spaces throughout the campus to improve safety and lessen travel.

Academy of Art University will continue to monitor any changes in guidance and adapt accordingly.

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