6 questions to ask yourself if you’re looking for a new job

American workers soon will be on the move — big time — if they aren’t already. 

Job hunting could become a new national pastime, with millions of individuals ready to shop around for better opportunities as the national economy continues to improve. 

One recent survey by Bankrate.com estimates that 55% of people in the workforce are likely to look for a new job over the next 12 months. That implies a lot of change ahead.

Mesmerized by the possibility of higher pay, better benefits and more flexibility (including remote-work options), job seekers sometimes overlook other factors that can take the sparkle out of a new employment opportunity.

Here are six questions you should ask:

1. Can you handle a disruption in pay?

Expect at least a short lag time between the last paycheck at your former employer and the first one at the new entity, especially if you take at least a couple of weeks off before starting the new job.

Could you cover the gap in income? Many people can’t.

One-quarter of adults said they didn’t have any emergency savings, according to a separate Bankrate.com survey released in July. That’s in addition to another quarter who have some money in reserve but not enough to cover three months of expenses.