5 industries that are hiring right now

A lackluster April jobs report was not the news for which unemployed people had hoped. The report fell far short of expectations and boosted the unemployment rate.

But that’s not the case in all sectors. According to CareerBuilder data, more than half of U.S. states showed double-digit job posting growth in April. What, exactly, are these jobs? We reached out to some of the biggest job aggregators to get a sense of where they’re seeing demand. Not surprisingly, many mirror some of the unique demands for products and services during the pandemic and, now, through the economic recovery period.

“The reopening of the economy as the pandemic eventually recedes in the biggest economic trend to watch in the short-term, says Nick Bunker, economic research director for North America at the Indeed Hiring Lab, which focuses primarily on the U.S. market. “Many industries and sectors that had a hard time operating during the depths of the crisis will be looking to hire. Even less directly-affected sectors are likely to pick up hiring as there is more economic certainty.”

Here are some of the top in-demand areas, according to listings on Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder:

Logistics and transportation

The pandemic put enormous strain on the supply chain. So, it’s probably no surprise that jobs related to moving goods and materials are in high demand. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver job listings were among the top jobs listed on Monster and CareerBuilder. There was also a need for light truck, delivery, and warehouse personnel. Demand for logistics specialists shot up nearly 120% year over year in March on Indeed. Transportation and warehousing were among the top 10 industries adding the most jobs last month.

Sales, marketing, and customer service

As companies navigate change, one constant remains: They need people to sell what they make or do. Wholesale and manufacturing sales reps were in the top six most in-demand jobs on Monster. The administrative and support services sector remains number one in job growth at CareerBuilder, and business-to-business (B2B) sales reps were near the top of the “hot jobs” list in that sector. Retailers working to re-open have also boosted demand for retail salespeople. Not surprisingly, customer service representatives—those folks who make sure customers are happy after the sale—are sought-after hires. Marketing managers were also among CareerBuilder’s administrative and support sector categories adding the most jobs.


Many tech sectors boomed during the pandemic. From the explosion in collaboration tools and video conferencing to the move many businesses made to e-commerce and contactless payments, someone’s got to develop and maintain all of those systems. As a result, software and application developers are in high demand. Information security engineers and technology specialists are also in high demand on CareerBuilder.


The pandemic also strained health care resources and personnel. Healthcare facilities are now seeking employees, especially registered nurses, which were among the top in-demand jobs cited by CareerBuilder and Monster. Physicians were among the top in-demand administrative and support services jobs. And healthcare and social services were among the top 10 industries that added the most jobs last month.

Construction and building

As the housing market heats up and contractors are flooded with renovation work, the construction and building sectors have been heating up again. Demand for welders/fabricators, lead carpenters, and even traffic coordinators to manage construction sites, is up across the board on Indeed.

Of course, these aren’t the only sectors hiring, Bunker says. They’re just the standouts now. What’s next? Watch for how the recovery affects various industries. And watch for emerging jobs, too, as Fast Company previously reported.

“As vaccinations increase and people begin to travel again, there will likely be a surge in hiring for leisure and hospitality jobs. The same goes for any jobs that have a lot of face-to-face interactions, like arts and entertainment jobs,” Bunker says.

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