Planning to car hire in Sofia? Here are some of the must-know road rules for you

Planning to go on vacation to Bulgaria or is it business mixed with pleasure? Whichever your reasons for visiting this beautiful country, 99.9% chances are that you already know Bulgaria is a big country with traffic and a little congestion here and there.

It also boasts plenty of attractions and an endless list of fascinating historical cities and beaches which you do not want to miss out on. You also know that for you to comfortably visit such places, you will need to hire a car and because it is a new place for you we prepared a list of things you should know while driving in Bulgaria.

Stick to the rules

 Whether you drive often or not, this should naturally apply to you because every country has its road rules and regulations which you should not violate and Bulgaria is no exception. Below are some of the rules which you should know before you rent a car in Sofia.

Drive on the right side

In most non-EU countries, people drive on the left and overtake on the right but being an EU country the driving rules take quite a different approach in Bulgaria and you drive on the right side of the road and overtake on the left one.



Driving and children

 If you have kids under the age of twelve, and they are tagging along on your trip to Bulgaria then they should be ready to sit on the back seats because one of the road rules here is that children below the age of twelve are not allowed on the front seat while those at the age of three and below must use a child seat.

Alcohol and driving

 If you are the kind of person who likes to take one or two before you hit the road and you are planning to car hire Sofia, sorry to say but you may have to wait till you get to your destination before you can get alcohol into your system. Reason being, the rules regarding drunk driving in Bulgaria are stringent, and the blood alcohol limit is 0.05%.

If you exceed this level then chances are you may end up losing your license for a period of about twelve months, you may serve jail time in a foreign country (that is the last thing you ever want to happen) or get a massive fine. Instead of risking such incidences it would only be wise to avoid alcohol if you want to hire a car in Bulgaria.


About the speed limit and head lights

 Safety is the key for you and every road user, and hence another driving regulation in Sofia is to stay on the 50 km/h speed limit mark within the city and 90 km/h on the outside while 140 km/h is allowed on the highways.

Additionally, if you are planning to rent a car in Sofia, then you should know that always having your headlights on even during the day is a road rule and failure to observe it may earn you a fine.

Vignette stickers

 Another road rule you should have in mind if you are planning to car hire Sofia is that vignette stickers are a necessity if you are planning to drive to the outskirts of the city.

Other road rules


  • Dark glasses, flip flops or dark sunglasses are not allowed when driving in Bulgaria
  • Car horn use is prohibited at all times unless when trying to prevent an accident
  • Use of mobile phones during driving is forbidden
  • Eating or drinking while on the wheel is prohibited
  • Parking is only the left on one-way streets
  • Seat belts must be worn by all occupants