Five valuable things to know before you drive away with your car rental Sofia

Pristine and mountainous landscape, rich culture, hospitable people, unique black sea coastline and highly developed are just but a few words which describe Bulgaria. It is a beautiful country which attracts myriads of tourists every year.

As a result, it is one of the most developed countries and hence moving around by public means can be quite an uphill task for someone who is new here. That is why we suggest using the services of a Bulgarian car rental company. That will make your time in Sofia more fun and less hectic. However, before you make any move yet, we want to help ensure that your time in Bulgaria is worthwhile and that is why below are five valuable things to know before you drive away using car hire Bulgaria.

  1. Where you can go with it


There are many Bulgarian car rental companies and each of them comes with its own unique policy. The policies of each package differ and hence if you are going for an SUV, the program offered to you will be different to that of someone who opts for a range rover. In addition, some companies place mileage on their cars while others do not.

Therefore, before you drive away, ensure you are aware of the places you can go using the car rental Sofia so that you do not violate the policies and end up with a huge fine.

  1. The penalties


As mentioned earlier, each car agency has its unique policies and they differ from any other one which you may have used on your previous trip.

For instance, one car rental company in Sofia will penalize you for returning the car past business hours, while another one will penalize you for smoking in the car. Hence, before you drive away all happy about the car hire Sofia, ensure that you know the penalties or else you may go back home all sad.

  1. The condition of the car


One of the most crucial things which you should know is the state of the car you are driving away with. Check the car’s equipment, from the lights, tires, to the air conditioning system. Once you are sure that there are no scratches or any internal damage, you can now sign and go to wherever you were planning in peace. Knowing the condition of the vehicle will help you take care of it and also avoid any charges which may arise because of problems that were originally there.

  1. Whether there are any hidden charges


Most car rentals in Sofia are notorious for adding extra charges on top of the original fee. To avoid these, make sure you check the charge sheet for any hidden fees. Just to keep you in the know below are some of the hidden charges you can be on the lookout for.

  • Fuel charges (always opt to fuel the vehicle yourself)
  • Extra drivers
  • Vehicle licensing fee
  • Frequent flyer fee
  • Insurance

  1. Whether there are any reward programs or discounts


Just like any other business, Car hire Bulgaria also has its highs and its lows. Sometimes, you will find that there are discounts which will help you reduce the costs, while in other cases, the company offers a reward program when you get a certain package. Therefore, before you go, be sure to inquire whether there are any discounts or such programs.