4 Job Opportunities You Can Unlock With an Easy Licence Upgrade

Nearly half of 2018 has flown by already; where does the time go? Hitting the ‘6’ on your calendar can be a serious wakeup call if you told yourself earlier that this was going to be the year you turn everything around. Did you make career advancement the cornerstone of your new year’s resolution? It’s not too late to make a serious positive change! There’s no time like the present for giving your career a boost with an easy upgrade to your driver’s or HGV licence. Here are four sample jobs that could be yours with just one quick upgrade to your licence.

1) HGV Driver

Becoming an HGV driver remains an impeccable all-around career choice. This job involves driving heavy goods vehicles both all over the country and into other nations. As an HGV driver, you’ll be racking up many miles on the road, and exposure to both UK and overseas regions is practically guaranteed. While driving an HGV isn’t particularly glamorous, this career comes with some undeniable perks. Hauling goods rather than passengers is perfect for drivers who aren’t looking for a lot of social interaction in their jobs. One of the biggest advantages of becoming an HGV driver right now is high demand. Our latest data shows 10,000 open positions for HGV drivers right now, and that’s just in the UK. Getting started is as easy as upgrading to a Cat C licence by getting a C1 training in Berkshire. As soon as you have the proper credentials you’ll have access to a huge variety of open jobs.

2) Delivery Driver

Not every driving job involves long-distance travel. Are you looking for employment that takes you out and about in your own community but allows you to turn in and sleep in your own bed after each day’s work is done? Making local deliveries is the perfect driving job for someone who wants to spend plenty of time with family. With a Cat C1 licence upgrade, you’ll be ready to explore your local region’s delivery driving jobs and find one that suits your needs. Delivery driving can involve delivering to businesses, individuals, or both sorts of clients and it involves eventful working days with plenty of variety built in.

3) Tour Guide Driver

If you live in an area blessed with plenty of tourist attractions and you like interacting with people, becoming a tour driver is a splendid idea. Upgrade your Cat B licence to Cat D1 and you’ll be allowed to drive a minibus. This is a versatile licence category that opens up many different driving opportunities. Urban centres feature lots of minibus jobs, a Cat D1 licence allows you to drive accessibility vehicles for hospitals or schools, and you can also find more exotic driving opportunities both here in the UK and abroad. Whether you find yourself touring the Lake District or driving through the Alps, a job as a tour guide driver allows you to help visitors enjoy beautiful vistas every single day. You get to enjoy the same scenery – and you get paid for the privilege!

4) Coach Driver

Although rail and air travel handle a majority of people’s travel needs today, coaches still play a significant role in rounding out the complete transportation picture. By upgrading your licence from Cat B to Cat D / PCV, you’ll be ideally qualified to work with transit companies that specialise in ferrying holiday travellers from the UK to hotspots like Spain, France, Italy, and Germany. Driving a coach differs from driving an ordinary bus in that the journeys are longer and your passengers are pre-booked in advance. That means the driving process is more straightforward; once everyone’s come aboard all you have to do is drive and, of course, get paid for it!